2. Basics

Before buying an acoustic amp, it’s important to consider exactly what you want it to do. Firstly, how much volume do you need? While some acoustic performance situations involve competing with amplified bass and drums, many players only accompany other acoustic instruments or vocalists in relatively intimate venues.

Fishman Pro-LBX-600 Loudbox Artist

How many inputs do you need? Some acoustic amps have more than one guitar input, which is very useful for duos. Some also have a microphone input – ideal for singer/songwriter gigs in small venues, and considerably more convenient than using a full PA system.

What type of outputs do you need? If you’re only playing very small gigs, the answer to this may well be ‘none’. However for bigger venues, an acoustic amp may be used for basic tone-shaping and on-stage foldback, while its output is fed to the PA for front-of-house sound. While an ordinary line level output is useable, a proper ‘DI’ output is much better.

Do you need integrated FX and/or reverb? You may like to keep your sound as pure as possible. Even so, many venues suffer from poor acoustics, and integrated reverb can make them a lot more forgiving. Other players prefer less subtle effects such as chorus or phasing. Many acoustic amps now have onboard FX units for this purpose, or if you already have favourite pedals of your own, then these are best connected via an FX loop.

What do you require from the on-board tone controls/EQ? Again, the ideal for many players is a ‘flat’ acoustic guitar sound, while others use varying amounts of EQ both creatively and correctively.

Finally, do you need feedback elimination? Having a large, resonant body, acoustic guitars tend to suffer from feedback when highly amplified. Apart from stuffing the guitar full of socks to dampen the resonance – a traditional but poor solution – these days there are various electronic methods of feedback elimination, some of which have found their way into acoustic amps.

Let’s take a look at some of these points in greater detail:

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Rode Wireless GO

Système sans fil numérique pour caméra Système d'émetteur et de récepteur ultra-compact et léger, Bande 2,4 GHz, Alimentation : batterie interne LiPo (TX et RX), Durée de fonctionnement Max : 7 heures, Chargement via une prise USB C, Jusqu'à...

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Behringer Vocoder VC340

Vocoder/synthétiseur Vocodeur analogique et synthétiseur d'ensembles de cordes, 37 touches semi-lestées sensibles à la vélocité, Sections "Human Voice" (masculine/féminine) et "Strings" mixables pour des sons de cordes/chœurs classiques, Vocodeur analogique avec contrôle de tonalité, Chorus BBD pour les effets...

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Mooer GE 300

Multi-Effects Processor Integrated ToneCapture function with 4 modes (Amp / Stomp / Guitar / Cab) to capture the sound of your favourite gear, 108 High quality amp simulations, 43 IR (Impulse Response) speaker cab simulations, Support for additional Impulse...

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Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 MK2

Interface audio 6 canaux Résolution : 24 Bit / 192 kHz, 2 entrées micro/ligne/instrument : XLR/jack 6,3 mm, 2 entrées ligne : jack 6,3 mm, 4 sorties ligne : jack 6,3 mm Couplé DC, Entrée S/PDIF coaxiale, Entrée et...

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Gator Frameworks Mic 0822

Support de microphone court Support de microphone avec perche télescopique pour diverses applications comme une utilisation sur un bureau, Idéal pour l'enregistrement d'amplificateur de guitare ou grosse caisse, Convient pour microphones jusqu'à un poids d'env. 700 g, Contrepoids avec...

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K&M 21427

K&M 21427, professional carrying case for 6 microphone stands, includes castors for easy and comfortable transport, case made of extremely durable 1680D nylon fabric, all seams hand-stitched in high quality, padded carrying handles and a durable zipper, castors included, dimensions:...

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RCF Art 312 MK III

Enceinte large bande passive 12" + 1" Équipé d'un haut-parleur 12" et d'un tweeter avec membrane en Mylar de 1,5" avec bobine de 1", Puissance: 300 Watt (RMS), Impédance : 8 Ohm, SPL Max : 127 dB, Dispersion...

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Fender CLSC SRS Mustang/Duo Case

Etui rigide Pour modèles Mustang & Duo Sonic, Doublure intérieur en peluche rouge, Poignée en acier revêtue de vinyle, Grand compartiment pour accessoires avec couvercle, Fermetures en acier dont 2 verrouillables, Jeu de clés, Accastillage chromé 3 fois, Dimensions...

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ADJ Contour

ADJ Contour; LED mirror ball effect; multi-colored beams crisscross back and forth at different speeds similar to a classic "fan style" effect; 36 lenses that project multi-colored beams of light from 27x 1.5W RGB LEDs; 15 built-in lightshows; controlled by...

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iZotope Music Production Suite 2.1 CG2

Ensemble de plugins - Version téléchargement Crossgrade d'iZotope Music Production Suite 2, Music Production Bundle 1/2 ou RX Post Production Suite 3 vers Music Production Suite 2.1 Vaste collection d'outils logiciels pour la production, le mixage et...

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Taylor Capo Bright Nickel

Taylor Capo Bright Nickel for Acoustic-Guitars (Steelstrings); Made in USA

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Softube Volume 3 Upgrade Volume 2

Ensemble de plugins - Version téléchargement Mise à niveau de Softube Volume 2 vers Volume 3 Vaste collection d'effets pour la production musicale professionnelle composée de 22 plugins, Avec 90 minutes de vidéo de formation PureMix (streaming...

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