NS Design NXT5a Bass LH BK


Contrebasse électrique

  • Version gaucher
  • 5 cordes
  • Corps en érable
  • Manche en érable
  • Touche en ébène
  • Chevalet réglable en hauteur
  • Barre de tension (Truss Rod) réglable
  • Système de micro Polar
  • Modes Arco et Pizzicato commutables
  • Contrôles: Volume et tonalité
  • Electronique passive
  • Couleur: Noir satiné
  • Chargeur, trépied et housse incl.
Référencé depuis Octobre 2010
Numéro d'article 253368
Conditionnement (UVC) 1 Pièce(s)
Taille 3/4
Touche Ébène
Électronique Passive
Chevalet réglable en hauteur Oui
Housse incluse Oui
Étui inclus Non
Archet inclus Non
Support incl. Oui
Piquet inclus Non
2.555 €
TVA incl. ; Supplément de 9,90 € pour l´envoi
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Disponible immédiatement

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Very good upright bass
marvinthemartian 13.09.2020
I bought this bass while I was studying at the academy. My primary instrument is the bass guitar, but I wanted to delve into something new.

On of the biggest benefits for me is that the bass is very compact and thus very easy to transport. And I love the way it looks. Very futuristic. It is also very comfortable to play if your main instrument is the bass guitar (it might not be if you're more into classical playing and you use the thumb posistion a lot). The NXT sound almost as an acoustic instrument, which is nice, because I love playing with effects.

The only downside that I can think of is the quality of the bolts on the stand. I had an issue with some of the threads stripping which wasn't fun considering the price of the bass.

Overall, a great instrument if you're into experimental music and need something easy to carry from gig to gig. Recommended!
Qualité de fabrication
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Une erreur est malheureusement survenue, veuillez réessayer ultérieurement svp.
A superb sounding instrument. Almost perfect and remarkable for the money.
WillBurnett 25.05.2014
If you have ever lusted after an NS bass, but found that their top of the range EU basses are beyond your budget, I can report that this is "almost" the same bass on a third of the money, and really is a stunningly good deal.

Sound Quality: As a passive instrument with piezo only pickups, there is zero noise from this thing. The default "arco" sound setting is rich, detailed, evenly responsive across the fingerboard. The sustain is incredible. I timed the open A string as ringing for two minutes before it was inaudible!!

Bring up the treble control, and you get a more clanky, electric tone. This doesn't sound so pretty when played unaccompanied, but as soon as you need to cut through something loud, it's a very useful addition.

Moving the switch to "pizzicato" mode produces an initially rather disappointing tone. Dull, thud-heavy, and lacking in mid-range. But it does provide quite a useful approximation of an old lo-fi double bass recorded tone that sits quite well in more traditional jazz, blues or folk settings. More crucially, in this mode, playing with a bow gives a beautiful, detailed response.

Even though the tone controls are simple, the range of useful sounds that can be obtained are really impressive. Note that, as a passive instrument, it is crucial to partner this with a good, high-impedance preamp. I use a "Fishman pro-eq platinum bass DI".

Build: From the factory it is set up with a low action with fairly low resistance from the light-grade strings. Raising the bridge a little will give a fatter sound and allow you to dig in more. This is VERY easy to do. Tuning is easy, and fairly stable, although the tuning gears are rather lightweight.

The fingerboard is extremely well made, even and responsive on every note. It is quite possible to play cleanly voiced notes two full octaves up the fingerboard, which is impossible on some more traditional designs. The radius is perfectly judged and allows for easy bowing of all five strings with no obstructions or accidental bowing of adjacent strings.

There are discreet little note markers laid into the fingerboard with a clever graduated asymmetric layout. This is very well thought out in terms of the playing positions for these different areas and a useful road-map for inexperienced upright players.

There are a few minor possible issues as follows:

1: The strings are lightweight modern strings that are easy to play and give a hybrid half-way double bass, half-way electric fretless tone. I like this. But if you want to get closest to a full double bass tone. You will need to factor in the cost of buying a good set of traditional strings.

2: The tuning heads are not the strongest, they work OK for the supplied strings. But if you want to put on heavy traditional strings, you may have to replace the tuners, extra cost, and maybe a bit of careful wood-work too!

3: The stand is lightweight. It works OK and won't easily fall over, but it wobbles and bounces a little when playing vigorously! You might find this annoying. If so, NS make a heavier stand at a higher cost, or some people who are good with tools have created their own with PA speaker stands. Either way, again, to get a really solid stand, allow some extra cost.

4: The padded gig bag is also lightweight. It's well designed for light and easy carrying, but not very thickly padded. I would not risk this bass in the supplied bag, bouncing around in a van with other heavy equipment, and NEVER would I trust it in the hands of a flight baggage handler or road crew. Again, NS make a strong, and very heavy and costly flight case. This adds several hundred euro if you want one. Fortunately, some players have discovered that there is another way. There is a model of snowboard case that perfectly fits the bass, inside its padded bag, and adds a heavy-duty ABS plastic shell, with adjustable internal space, trolley wheels and towing handle, for around 100 Euro, at about a quarter of the price and weight of a full flightcase. Google "Sportube". The model you want is the "Series 2 Sportube". It is the perfect fit!

All in all, the sound quality, playability, build quality and clever design are stunning for the price, and speak of an instrument that has benefitted from inheriting the years of experience that NS have in making higher-end professional instruments. This is really almost as good as their top end EU basses (which I have played), and as such, is a steal at the price. In the two most important areas (how good does it sound, and how good does it feel to play) it is excellent. The caveat to this is that they have saved money by supplying those lightweight strings, tuning heads, stand and gig-bag. All of these can be replaced or upgraded, at a cost. So, as long as you keep that in mind, I highly recommend this very good quality instrument.
Qualité de fabrication
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