Lee Oskar Natural Minor Reedplates C


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  • Tonalité: Do mineur
  • Pour harmonica diatonique Natural
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The easiest and cheapest way to get a new Cm harmonica!
Simon Clark 03.12.2018
As a harmonica player in a few bands, I am often called on to use a variety of unusual keys - Cm is one of the most popular of those, and doesn't get a chance to be played lightly! Consequently, I need to repair these reeds quite a bit and when they are beyond repair, they needed replacing. The Lee Oskar system of the replacement reeds means that this can be done easily and without fuss, at approximately 50% of the price of a brand new harmonica. I find that the replacement reed plates offered by Lee Oskar are an identical fit to the ones you will find in the main body - just one of the reasons I always use Lee Oskar!
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