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Haut-parleurs 1 x 5"
Puissance par unité (RMS) 82 W
Blindage magnétique Oui
Entrée XLR Oui
Entrée Jack Oui
Entrée mini jack Non
Entrée RCA Non
Entrée numérique Non
Correction de fréquence manuelle Oui
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Qualité de fabrication


So today I got Jbl Lsr305, played for 2 hours) .... I'm trudge) generally difficult right now would not overestimate the acoustics =) . Monitors connected to Esi Juli @ via the balanced output (Trs), so the monitor is connected balansno (Trs), with a sensitivity of +4 dBu

So go over the overall sound is bright monitors) first appeared even a chur, reduce High -2 dB by using the built-in filter, and it is much better for me. Monitors are very neutral sound for its price, everything is played moderately, no sudden bumps or dips anywhere (to my ear) is not felt, they are equally pleasant to listen to jazz with good dynamics and styles with a narrower dynamic (RNB, house dub step) ... of course the size of the speakers make themselves felt, at some distance (more 3eh meters) is already clearly felt "boxed", but in the near field (1m - 1.5m) sound very natural and beautiful (in fact, it's scary, too nice to play) ....

They just awesome transfer of the stereo image, about a phantom center will not lie), he is very well felt, and not disappear if a little turned his head and sat down wrong), "3d" effect) for this price exceeds the limit, the sound straight jumps out of the speakers even at low volume levels, though mostly only significant wild middle and high, what to feel for Volume of Nizam must add louder ...

Sub Bass: They have 50 hertz, with whom you can work =) Of course it's not the 50 hertz everything exactly, if we take for example a good subwoofer, or a large speaker, but to understand what is going on there can be, they have and 40, but I did not realize there nifiga and strong enough to give necessary volume), well, buzzing, but the vibration in the air and the body are not all exactly that)

Bass: 60 hertz, excellent) ... clear no turbidity, hit in the area felt the skin, even at medium volume, it does not seem that they are there very many and the failure of the ear is not, well, maybe in the range of two, three decibel

Lower middle: a little scares me, but clarity is excellent, really excellent, but it seems that around 200 hertz someone cut a little, maybe I'm wrong, I'm afraid that the reduction will have to get used to this frequency ..zvuk generally felt the full might after Adam F5 me that, but I can tell you on the detail of the area, Jbl seemed clearer to me ....

The middle, upper middle: A good, detailed, not as a failed like Krk p 5 and a convex as the pits xc series, quite so reasonable (maybe slightly bulging) of the detail, I think they are here a little inferior to Adam F5, but all great bugged

High: It seemed to me at the default settings, the smallness of their chur, they detail exactly lower than Adam F5, but they sound more natural, though a bit harsh, I believe it will pass with time) ...

Conclusions: Monitors are perfect for listening, they are not just highly analytic, they can not work badly, but for the serious business of their little ones ... they are perfectly suited to work in tandem with the more expensive acoustics.

Cons: Noisy ... not much, but if you listen ... hear it is quite possible to work quietly, but would not recommend =)
Phase inverter is back (for whom this may be a minus, for someone plus), I have them on the walls are where the meter 2)

I honestly lightweight shock, my feeling is among them more than the price, how much? - To judge you) .... but I highly recommend for listening and maybe you too will love them and do not be confused by the price !! What do the global conclusions so far, I have to work on them, then maybe pop up a lot more minuses ... but I can not see color, they sound or not ... on Krk RP series, I immediately realized that yes) and then I complicated ...
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