Hohner Bravo III 72 Blue silent key

Accordéon piano

  • Silent Key - Touches modifiées
  • 34 touches de mélodie
  • 3 chœurs
  • 5 registres de mélodie
  • 72 boutons de basse
  • 2 registres de basse
  • Boutons de registre noirs
  • Arrêtes du soufflet noires
  • Poids: 7,4 kg
  • Couleur: Bleu
  • Bretelles ergonomiques en textile et housse incl.
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Exemples sonores

  • Bavarian
  • Musette
  • Rondo
  • Tango

Plus d'infos

Nombre de basses 72
Nombre de voies 3
Registres 5
Touches 34
Basses Helikon Non
Couleur Bleu
Housse Oui
Étui Non
Poids 7,4 kg

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Hohner Bravo III 72 Blue silent key
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Hohner Bravo III 72 Blue silent key
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Qualité de fabrication

Best accordion for a beginner like me

Kevin VD, 02.05.2018
The accordion has always been my favorite instrument but watching others play it, it seemed like they were driving a spaceship. It looked very daunting to me so I didn't want to spend a lot of money to test the water.

I bought a cheaper off-brand accordion first, and it was broken. I probably just got unlucky, but still I thought it was a good idea to go and check out the more popular brands. So then I started looking at Hohner accordions. I decided to get the cheapest Hohner accordion but when it arrived, I noticed it didn't have enough bass buttons (only 48 keys, so not all of the 12 notes were available). Thanks to the endless patience of Thomann, I was able to turn it in once again and I got to try my third accordion, the Hohner Bravo III 72 Blue silent key.

The saying "Third time's a charm" could never been more true! This accordion was great right out of the box. No defects at first sight and a card hanging by a string attached to the accordion was assuring me that the accordion had been quality controlled by Hohner. But I decided to try and do my own quality control (which is just playing every single button using every single register) and that little card spoke the truth; this accordion was 100% working great.

The bellows are very responsive and fun to handle. I can remember the bellows on the cheaper off-brand accordion were quite hard to move; this is not the case with this Hohner accordion. The sound is extremely pleasant to listen to. I put it on the musette register and it'll probably never come off of that ever again; I am addicted to the musette sound and it sounds absolutely great on this accordion.

The keys are just like Hohner promises: they are completely silent. You cannot hear them, not even while recording your performance with a very sensitive microphone. Also, the keys on both the bass and treble side as well as the register buttons all have a very premium feel to them. It takes just a press of those buttons to feel that what you have in your hands is a quality accordion.

The straps that come with the accordion seem very strong and durable. I really like that they are textile instead of leather, because textile straps tend to be more forgiving when you're putting the accordion in the gig bag and don't pay attention to how the straps are positioned in the gig bag. With a leather strap, if you don't position them carefully and correct in the gig bag, you run the risk of getting them creased. Textile straps are a lot more resilient and won't crease so it's a breeze to put the accordion in the gig bag; just stash it in there without having to worry if the straps are in a good position where they won't crease, and you're done.

The accordion comes with a stylish and well-protecting gig bag. It closes in 3 ways, with a zipper, a velcro strip and those clicking things - I don't know the name of those in English - so the accordion is safe and sound while sitting in the gig bag. You can either carry the gig bag by its handle or wear it on your back like a backpack.

The color of this accordion is really something special. Pictures don't do it much justice. Blue is my favorite colour but for my previous 2 accordions that I tried, I always chose black because I thought it looked more professional and the blue looked like it was meant for kids. But this time I couldn't resist and went for the blue one. And like I said: pictures don't do it much justice. You have to see it in real life to fully appreciate it. It looks absolutely awesome and now I'm wondering why I was always choosing black. Black looks boring now that I've seen this in real life.

As for the weight of this accordion; this accordion is so lightweight! The first accordion I tried also had 72 bass buttons and it was as heavy as a cinderblock! It actually made me hesitate to get another 72 bass accordion (it made me think that all 72 bass accordions would be equally as big and heavy) but much to my relief, this accordion is actually quite compact and light.

Conclusion: this accordion is ideal for a beginner like me. It is, unlike some of the more expensive accordions, quite affordable yet still offers a lot of functionality that will keep beginners busy for a loooooong long time to come. It's not a 120 bass accordion with a dozen registers on it so more advanced players will not be purchasing this accordion. I, however, am just planning to play a couple of tunes at home for fun (and occasionally record what I'm playing to share my music with friends and family), and the 12 major and minor chords are really all I need as far as the bass buttons go, so for my needs this is the best accordion there is! The sound is great and this accordion appears to be a durable quality product that will probably last me a long time. I couldn't be any happier with it!! :-) Thank you very much Thomann & Hohner!
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