Harley Benton SC-400 SGT Classic Series

Guitare électrique

  • Série Classic
  • Corps en tilleul
  • Table bombée
  • Manche collé en érable
  • Profil du manche en C
  • Touche en Roseacer
  • Rayon de la touche: 350 mm
  • Repères trapézoïdes
  • 22 frettes
  • Diapason: 628 mm
  • Largeur au sillet: 43 mm
  • Barre de réglage (Truss Rod) double action
  • 2 micros double bobinage Classic sans capots
  • 2 réglages de volume
  • 2 réglages de tonalité
  • Sélecteur 3 positions
  • Accastillage chromé
  • Chevalet Tune-o-matic
  • Mécaniques style Kluson
  • Cordes Harley Benton 010-046
  • Finition: Satin Gold Top
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Exemples sonores

  • Blues
  • Metal
  • Rock

Plus d'infos

Couleur Or
Corps Tilleul
Table Tilleul
Manche Erable
Touche Roseacer
Frettes 22
Diapason 628 mm
Micros HH
Vibrato Non
Étui inclus Non
Housse incluse Non

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  • Qualité de fabrication
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Qualité de fabrication
Plucésimple Mieussaix, 16.04.2019
N'étant pas bon musicien et ne voulant pas soustraire de vraies bonnes guitares aux vrais guitaristes, je me retranche sur les guitares au prix attractifs.
J'ai donc une petite collection de marques alternatives.
Cette sc-400 sgt est ma deuxième Harley Benton.
Esthétiquement, rien à redire vu le prix.
- les tons noirs, crème et or mat ( quasi cuivré ) lui confèrent une sobriété élégante.
- l'allusion au modèle d'inspiration des années 50 se ressent avec les mécaniques mais sans plus de zèle.
A l'usage, la référence s'arrête aussi rapidement:
- Les micros surprennent positivement. Le micro manche est limpide et le micro chevalet super-péchu, ce qui offre une quantité de dosages possible. Une sonorité certainement plus versatile et plus contemporaines que les simples imitations de 1957.
- Le bois de touche (Roseacer) est un peu plus décevant, n'ayant pas la densité et le lustrage du bon vieux palissandre, le jeu de la main gauche ne parvient ni aux "hammers" ni aux "bends" claquants des LP originales. Cela dit pour un débutant cet arrondissage des angles sonores peut être intéressant pour étouffer quelques approximations.

En conclusion, pour ce prix on ne peut pas demander mieux car cette sc-400 est sans défaut de fabrication(j'ai eu beau chercher sur la mienne!), les mécaniques tiennent l'accordage, l'électronique est réactif, la lutherie solide...etc...(croyez moi ces arguments ne sont pas toujours réunis chez d'autres fabricants de "cheap guitars").
Et surtout rien que pour le son (les sons) qu'elle délivre elle vaut le détour!
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Qualité de fabrication
Needs lots of modifications - buy a SC-450 / 550 instead
Johnny D, 28.11.2016
HB SC-400 GT


Finish - Top is not smoothly finished
Pickups - not wax potted
Controls - Pots, Switch and Knobs
Nut - Plastic

Fret finish
Bad Fretboard due to fret work
(fretwork was the downfall of this guitar)

This is my 3rd Harley Benton, and was purchased with the plan to gut it and use the body / neck as a base to for complete modification. Keep that in mind.

Ordering and shipping from Thomann was flawless. However US customs held the order for a week, then charged a US duty fee. This is stated on the Thomann website, so don't get upset IF it happens to your US order. This is the first time I've been hit with the US customs duty, so I feel fortunate.

The guitar arrived in good shape, no damage and is as described on the Thomann website.
The Gold Top is really more of a Copper color, but does resemble the images on Thomann's website. So, don't expect a "Gold" gold top. The dull / matte finish on the back and neck looks and feels really nice, it does show fingerprints and sweat a great deal. The Copper top color is a rather rough finish to the touch.
In my case the finish of the top doesn't matter as will be sanded and recolored.

The plastic volume and tone knobs do their job, but are really cheap in appearance. This should not be a surprise as this is a very low-cost guitar.
The pots function well, smooth and decent response. They are very small in diameter. They've already been pulled from the guitar, not because they don't work, just because I have better full-size replacements ready to go in.

The pickups have fair sound, and as delivered were NOT wax potted, so you can get microphonic noise quite easily.
Again, not a problem for me, I have different pickups for it anyway.
The 3-way switch is a very low-cost box switch. It does not appear to be the same switch used in my SC-450Plus VB.
This switch works, and that's about it. Not smooth nor quiet. Again, no surprise a very low-cost guitar.

The strings go without saying, but I?ll say it anyway. They have to be replaced as soon as you are done with the initial unboxing excitement.
The action was set very high as received, not a problem, and with the action lowered the guitar played well - with exception.

Here's the problem, even thought the frets we incredibly level, they lacked proper crown and finish.
And if that were the only problem, I'd be set. Unfortunately the fret ends were beveled back too far, and cause fretting issued on the high "e" string. The extreme angle of the fret bevel allowed/caused the "e" string to easily go off the neck when fretted. NOT GOOD.

The nut is a pre-slotted plastic variety, and works well for what it is. It had one little drop of glue holding it in place and came off with a light tap. A new nut will be easy to install.

The fingerboard and inlay finish was actually very good. The fingerboard radius is 12". The inlays are nicely fit and finished.

The vintage style tuners look like the same used on the SC 450Plus, but don't feel as smooth. Not sure if they are a lower quality look-alike version, or just a bad set. They don't all feel the same, some turn easier than others, some bind. I have ordered replacements tuners.

The Bridge and tailpiece appear to be the same as the SC-450. The posts are a bit loose, but don't cause any issues and can be addressed rather easily. I may or may not replace them. Some people really complain about the deep cut bridge saddles, but I'm finding no real reason to discard them for the depth of the string groove. The bigger issue is the slop in the posts as I mentioned before, and that can be fixed.
The tailpiece is grounded to a control pot, that's a good thing.
One issue with the TOM style bridge is the Saddle Retainer Springs don't properly sit in the Bridge Screw groove. This is a design/production issue, common to most/all HB TOM bridges I believe. Can be fixed, or replaced. I'm fixing this one for now, may replace in the future if the need arises.

In hind site, I should have purchased another SC-450 for ± $20 more, overall the 450 is a better guitar, even though they share many of the same components.

For my purposes this guitar will be fine in the end, as I already have all the upgrade components, and have made many modifications to the body, fingerboard, and peg head.

If you are looking for a First guitar, spend a couple more dollars/euros, and get the SC-450Plus. It is worth a little extra, but realize the frets will still need to be cleaned and polished, the fingerboard will need to be cleaned, and you will need new strings.

I have modified nearly every part of this guitar at this point, and that was the reason I had originally purchased this guitar.
As delivered, the guitar was not really playable due to the fret issue, please keep that in mind. If I would have intended to plug-n-play, I would have had to send it back to Thomann.
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Couleur: Or
Harley Benton SC-400 SGT Classic Series
Harley Benton SC-400 SGT Classic Series

Guitare électrique Série Classic, Corps en tilleul, Table bombée, Manche collé en érable, Profil du manche en C, Touche en Roseacer, Rayon de la touche: 350 mm, Repères trapézoïdes, 22 frettes,...

  • Couleur: Or
  • Corps: Tilleul
  • Table: Tilleul
  • Manche: Erable
  • Touche: Roseacer
  • Frettes: 22
  • Diapason: 628 mm
  • Micros: HH
  • Vibrato: Non
  • Étui inclus: Non
  • Housse incluse: Non
Harley Benton SC-450 CB Classic Series
Harley Benton SC-450 CB Classic Series

Guitare électrique Série Classic, Corps en tilleul, Table bombée, Manche collé en érable, Profil du manche en C, Touche roseacer, Rayon de la touche: 350 mm, Repères "trapézoïdes", Filets de corps...

  • Couleur: Sunburst
  • Corps: Tilleul
  • Table: Tilleul
  • Manche: Erable
  • Touche: Roseacer
  • Frettes: 22
  • Diapason: 628 mm
  • Micros: HH
  • Vibrato: Non
  • Étui inclus: Non
  • Housse incluse: Non
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