Hamstead Soundworks Zenith Amplitude Controller


Pédale d'effets pour guitare et basse électriques

  • Pédale d'égalisation / boost / compresseur de conception entièrement analogique, égalisation active 3 bandes pour un son naturel semblable à celui d'un amplificateur et circuit de compression incroyablement transparent
  • Commandes : Level, Blend, Comp, Treble, Middle, Bass
  • Commutateurs au pied : Mid Q, Mid Frequency
  • LED : égaliseur en marche, compresseur en marche
  • Interrupteur au pied (Footswitch) : Bypass
  • Connecteurs : Entrée (jack 6,3 mm), Sortie (jack 6,3 mm), Contrôle (jack TRS 6,3 mm)
  • Connecteur pour adaptateur d'alimentation : Prise creuse 5,5 x 2,1 mm, pôle négatif à l'intérieur
  • Consommation de courant : 65 mA
  • Alimentation avec adaptateur secteur 9 V CC (non inclus)
  • Adaptateur secteur correspondant disponible en option, article n° : 409939
  • True Bypass
  • Dimensions (L x P x H) : 70 x 130 x 65 mm
  • Poids : 580 g
  • Fabriqué à la main au Royaume-Uni

Remarque : Le fonctionnement sur piles n'est pas pris en charge

Référencé depuis Avril 2021
Numéro d'article 518324
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Type d'effet Booster
333 €
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5 stars across the board
MarcoSavio 29.06.2022
This is simply one of the most useful pedals i have had on my board.
It adds a great sounding boost and a subtle but effective comp to my palette. i sorely needed a clean boost with an eq, this has quite a lot of dbs on tap, i have the volume at 11 o clock with mids and highs boosted and lows cut, it allows me to cut perfectly in a live setting without having to be super loud. The comp was set with the internal trim pot very low, so i added a bunch of gain to get a more punchy comp sound.

i also use a switcher, the es 5, and this allowed me to free up a loop, the one i had a deepsix in, i control it via trs cable which is super convenient for me, since i already used to use the comp at the end of the chain more often than not.

So instead of needing two pedals and using up 2 of my loops i could just get this, it wasn't even a compromise as far as sound goes because this is one of the best clean boosts i've ever heard and i feel the comp is superior to previous comps i've used and heard.

couple of cons, the comp is fairly noisy, that is to be expected since it's at the end of the chain and comps in general are noisy, but still it seems more noticeable to me with this pedal then with other pedals, i might just need to mess with the controls more to be fair, also if you're used to a fully featured comp this one may seem limiting sometimes, i think i would have rather had an attack switch then an eq curve switch. It is also fairly expensive, but in my opinion it was worth every penny.
Qualité de fabrication
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