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Hammond Melodion PRO-44H V2


Mélodion alto

  • 44 touches (couleur ivoire)
  • Tessiture: Do - Sol3
  • Micro cravate sensible dynamique intégré
  • Sortie sur Jack 6,3 mm
  • Contrôle du volume
  • Dimensions (LxPxH): 563 x 106 x 52 mm
  • Poids: 1,2 kg
  • 2 becs (MP-141 & MP-171) et étui souple (MP-2008) incl.
Nombre de touches 44
Etui inclus Oui
Accessoires inclus Oui
Numéro d'article 506157
598 €
Envoi gratuit et TVA incluse.
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Disponible immédiatement

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Fantastic Melodion!
10000 Lions Sound System 18.01.2021
I use this product for reggae & dub music especially in the harmonic minor scale and this piece of equipment is FANTASTIC! I've never heard a melodica/melodion sound this way, it completely blew my mind (in a positive way)!
The sound is really "full" and has great lower register all the way up to the top.
Even on the highest notes the sound is not "piercing" as in many other melodicas but rather sweet and nice!

Positives: Fantastic Sound
Great build quality
Superb Microphone
Amazing look
Negatives: Didn't find any as of yet and I don't think there will be any issues either.

I understand fully why this instrument is priced as it is. This is a INSTRUMENT and not a plastic toy as many others in this group of instruments! You get what you pay for.

Conclusion: Best instrument in this group of instruments. In a league of its own!

If you're looking for a melodion/melodica, this one or maybe the HP version if you're looking for a brighter sound is the way to go!

Wish you all an fantastic continuation of 2021 and let it be filled with music and good VIBES!

Thomann rocks!
Qualité de fabrication
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