Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s IT LH


Guitare électrique

  • Version gaucher
  • Table en érable flammé AA
  • Corps en acajou
  • Manche en acajou
  • Touche en palissandre
  • Profil du manche: Slim Taper
  • Sillet Graph Tech
  • Largeur au sillet: 43 mm
  • Diapason: 628 mm
  • 22 frettes Medium traitées à froid
  • Filet de corps couleur crème
  • Repères trapézoïdes
  • Filet de touche couleur crème
  • Chevalet Tune-o-matic en aluminium
  • Cordier Stop Bar en aluminium
  • 1 micro Burstbucker 61T (chevalet)
  • 1 micro Burstbucker 61R (manche)
  • 2 réglages de volume
  • 2 réglages de tonalité
  • Câblée à la main avec des condensateurs Orange Drop
  • Couleur: Iced Tea
  • Livrée en étui
  • Fabriquée aux USA
Référencé depuis Octobre 2019
Numéro d'article 467301
Conditionnement (UVC) 1 Pièce(s)
Forme de la guitare Single Cut
Couleur Sunburst
Corps Acajou
Manche Acajou
Touche Palissandre
Nombre de cordes 6
Frettes 22
Diapason 628 mm
Micros HH
Vibrato Non
Etui inclus Oui
Housse incluse Non
Table Erable
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2.390 €
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Well, well, well...
Vintage Wage 07.07.2020
Everything they’ve been saying about first impressions is true with these axes! Open the box and “WOW”! Take it out and play it and “WOW!” again!
The woods are gorgeous. Even the rosewood, which I’m not usually a fan of, looks like that new lighter ebony on the new Taylors!
This is a real musical instrument and the Les Paul is the most versatile electric guitar out there! Just check out the Facebook groups and see how many iterations and styles it’s used in!
The neck is so fast ! The strings are tighter than I’d like, but I’m gonna topwrap or raise the stop bar!
I’m just using Xotic SP, EP and RC pedals with TC reverb and delay , so nothing heavy. I use a gravity gold sunrise 2.5mm pick too.
I was planning to instal the bareknuckles i have or get a set of the blue note HSP90s, but I’m not sure now! These sound great!
Like the guys said in the right handed reviews, just looking at it is enough! It’s a fabulous axe! I really recommend it.
All the fine points nailed, pots, tuners etc, all excellent and impressive . One thing that’s a bit weird is that my pots seem to be right handed!
Thanks to Thomann for holding this for me and sending tout de suite!

UPDATE! 18 months on, replaced the bridge with tonepros, pickups with Bareknuckle PG Blues set (out of phase mid position is fantastic) leveled the frets and stuck on 12-52s in D standards WOW what a warm amazing sounding axe, and shreds faster than Ibbies imo... still gonna get an all brass ABM bridge and a bone nut, but do not hesitate! these are amazing guitars!
Qualité de fabrication
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Une erreur est malheureusement survenue, veuillez réessayer ultérieurement svp.
The new original Les Paul Standard
Cunningman 06.04.2021
From the excellent customer service at Thomann to the quick delivery and opening of what can only be described as Gibson's genuine return to the golden age of Les Paul's, the experience exceeded all of my expectations. The tone with PAF style Burstbuckers and Orange Drop capacitors is just mesmerising, the AA maple flame top just oozes quality. A true piece of craftsmanship. I checked the guitar fully and it was simply perfect. The only points are that the Graphtec nut needs a little lubrication (not a big issue at all) and the Rosewood fingerboard was bone dry, this was easily resolved with a light application of lemon oil, once the strings were removed. But the "light-maintenance" required out of the case helps the owner bond with the guitar which, in my opinion, is all part of the fun in owning such a great instrument. Needed a little while for the strings to bed in after the first tuning, but the Grover rotomatic tuners hold the tuning very well.

The tone and sustain of this Les Paul is just incredible, you can pluck the string "and go and grab a bite and it will still be going, aaaahhhhhh". Just need to find that elusive Marshall that goes up to 11 now!

Well done Gibson, a true return to form and thank you Thomann for you excellent customer service and getting it to my door so quickly in these difficult times.
Qualité de fabrication
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Une erreur est malheureusement survenue, veuillez réessayer ultérieurement svp.
Les Paul
Les Paul convert 10.03.2020
I have played for over 40 years, mostly strat type guitars as well as an SG,Tele, Dano and several others. I was semi pro and still gig and record.This is my first LP and it is beautiful ! If you get tired playing, you can just look at it. The feel, the neck, the sounds, it really is something else and can easily handle any situation. I feel very lucky that when I got this guitar Gibson had been having a serious look at themselves. The quality is what you would hope for and expect. It has been worth the wait.
Qualité de fabrication
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