Fox Bassoon Model 201D

Fox Bassoon Model 201D, Select aged Mountain Maple body, German (white synthetic ivory) bell ring, natural rubber lining in the wing and small bore of the boot, nickel silver water tubes extending into the bore, full German key system with silver plating, rollers for right little finger F and Ab, rollers for left little finger Eb and Db, right hand whisper key lock, rotary style, high D and High E keys, high A bridge to whisper key, crown on pancake key, thumb Bb & F# rollers, little finger F# w/roller, auxiliary low C extension, thumb Ab-Bb trill key, left hand Eb trill key, ring key, left hand third finger, right hand whisper key lock, balance hanger, incl. two professional T bocals #1 & #2, premium case with both shoulder and backpack straps, hand rest, neck strap, seat strap, microfiber swabs for boot and wing, care cloth, made in USA

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