Focusrite Clarett+ OctoPre


préamplificateur microphone / convertisseur AN/NA ligne 8 canaux

  • Avec 2 entrées d'instrument JFET
  • Conversion A/N et N/A 24 bits avec un taux d'échantillonnage pouvant atteindre 192 kHz
  • Circuit "Air" entièrement analogique commandé par relais dans chaque préampli, pour reproduire le classique Focusrite ISA 110
  • Plage dynamique de 118 dB et 129 dBu avec pad ON
  • Trajet du signal entièrement symétrique
  • Huit inserts de canaux dédiés
  • Alimentation fantôme +48V (commutable dans les groupes 1-4 et 5-8)
  • 8 LED d'indication de niveau et LED d'écrêtage de canal
  • Format de construction : rack 19" - 1U
  • Dimensions (L x P x H) : 482 x 286 x 44.5 mm
  • Poids : 4,15 kg

Connexions :

  • 2 entrées microphone / instrument : combo XLR / jack 6,3 mm
  • 6 entrées microphone / ligne : combo XLR / jack 6,3 mm
  • 8 connecteurs d'insertion : jack 6,3 mm
  • 1 sortie ligne Sub-D25 (8 canaux)
  • Entrée et sortie Wordclock : BNC
  • 2 entrées et sorties ADAT

Logiciel inclus :

  • Hitmaker Expansion Software Bundle (Ableton Live Lite)
  • Plugins Hitmaker Expansion : Softube Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 - Amp Sim
  • XLN Audio Addictive Keys - Instruments à clavier virtuel
  • XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 : Studio Rock - Bibliothèque de batterie virtuelle
  • Brainworx bx_oberhausen - Polysynthétiseur
  • Antares Auto-Tune Access - Accordage vocal
  • Brainworx Bx_console Focusrite SC - tranche de console
  • Focusrite Red 2 & 3 Plug-in Suite - EQ et compresseur
  • Relab's LX480 Essentials - Réverbération
  • Brainworx bx_masterdesk - Système de mastering
Référencé depuis Juin 2022
Numéro d'article 542893
Conditionnement (UVC) 1 Pièce(s)
Canaux 8
Nombre d'entrées microphone 8
Entrée instrument Oui
Lampes Non
Compresseur/Limiteur Non
Égaliseur Non
De-Esser Non
Alimentation fantôme Oui
Opposition de phase Non
Boucle d'effets externe Oui
Sorties audio Sub-D 25 broches
Sortie numérique ADAT
Sortie casque Non
Vu-mètre Oui
Nombre de canaux 8
Conversion Analogique/Digitale 1
Conversion Numérique/Analogique 1
Résolution max. 24 bit
Fréquence d'échantillonnage max. 192 kHz
Connexion ADAT 1
Word clock 1
Nombre des entrées analogues 8
Nombre des sorties analogues 8
Extras Aucun
Format 19"
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767 €
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Awesome piece of gear
SonicPeasant 19.10.2022
My home studio is centered around an older Clarett 8PreX Thunderbolt interface with a Presonus Studio 192 as extension plus now also this Clarett+ OctoPre as additional extension. I rarely record more than 1-3 channels at once, so I don't need 24 channels for tracking – ever. But it simplifies the use of outboard gear to not have to constantly repatch everything.
The only reason I bought this unit was that several reviews (as well as the specs on paper) said that it was even cleaner audio than the original Clarett I already had. I doubted that my less-than-golden ears would actually register any difference, but to my surprise they did. I have the distinct impression that the audio from this one is more pure even though I never had any complains with the sound of the older unit.
So now this is the main unit used for tracking, because it has the purest sound of the three.
A small tip: Took me a while to figure out that you can switch back and forth between the AIR mode and the Insert mode. It's not either or – it's just that the buttons have double function. You can first switch AIR on for the channels you want, then go into buttons mode = insert and subsequently switch insert effects in and out. That wasn't clear to me from the manual.
The only thing I miss on this unit is that there is no way to ensure 0dB loop gain for an output-input loop because the channel gain knobs also change the line level input gain. I prefer the solution in the Presonus Studio 192 where channel gain only alters the input gain for microphone and instrument level inputs while keeping a 0dB (unity) gain for line levels. That's much more useful for me, particularly for a stereo effects loop.
Also, I got audio dropouts when syncing the clock over BNC cable (which could possibly be something I did wrong, though I don't think so) but syncing over ADAT works perfectly.
All in all, this is an awesome piece of gear that I wholeheartedly recommend. The preamps are great and the sound is very clean.
Qualité de fabrication
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Solid performance
WhiteDwarf 16.11.2022
Pros: All in all the Clarett+ OctoPre is a very nice and well sounding unit. The Air function gives sources a nice shine and the dynamic range is excellent. On drums it's punchy. Vocals are clear and open. Acoustic string instruments and percussion sits well in the mix. The HiZ inputs are fine as well. And the fact the you can use it as a standalone preamp or 8 Chan AD/DA I/O via Adat and WordClock is also a big plus! Sonically a great addition to anyone looking for good quality extension to their studio.
Cons: Small stuff, but I wish that line in, for when inserting external equipment, was fixed at unity gain - straight to AD - and not variable from the gain knobs.
And that the insert points per channel was balanced! But I understand that from a cost perspective and physical space on the back of the unit.
Lastly, it would have been nice when using external sync that the unit would auto detect the samplerate. You have to set that manually.
Qualité de fabrication
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Very good converters
Paolo Mancuso 20.12.2022
This boy sounds even better than the 18i20, and it’s supposed to be an expansion so that. If you need a lot of channels but you are afraid to cheap too much on your budget in order to avoid crappy converters, this beauty got you covered. You will never complain about the sound quality and it’s got even a switch on each channel that gives emulates the input of a vintage console whose I don’t remember the name. It’s not indispensable but it sounds very nice on kicks and big ass snares. It’s very important to learn how to use the software but it’s very intuitive and easy to use (I am an RME user so take my words with a spoon of salt)
Qualité de fabrication
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