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Fender The Trapper Fuzz

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  • Indie Off/On
  • Bluesrock Off/On
  • Crossover Off/On
  • Thrash Off/On
  • Hazey Off/On
  • Punky Off/On
  • Rock Off/On
  • Metal Off/On
  • Mosh Off/On
  • Rock 2 Off/On
  • Stoner Off/On
  • Fuzzline Off/On
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Pédale fuzz

  • Pour guitare électrique
  • Commutable avec deux voix différentes "Calm" et "Possessed"
  • Tone et Contour partagés par les deux voix
  • Section "Possessed" avec Noise Gate et contrôle Level 1
  • Section "Calm" avec contrôles Niveau 2, Fuzz 2 et commutateur Octave
  • Commutateurs au pied: Bypass, Effect
  • Entrée et sortie sur Jack 6,3 mm
  • LED de statut Fender Amp Jewel (forme de bijou)
  • Fonctionne avec une pile 9V
  • Bloc d'alimentation 9 V DC optionnel non-fourni (N° d'article


Overdrive Non
Distortion Non
Fuzz Oui
Metal Non
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134 €
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Disponible immédiatement

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Qualité de fabrication

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A very versatile fuzz
Leikkers 12.02.2020
- Versatility
The 1st channel is a nice vintage-fuzz with the switchable octave which is fantastic for screaming solos or Jimi Hendrix -type of stuff as well. The 2nd channel is crazy: it gives you a ton of gain with a heavy noise gate to make it sound kind of broken and glitchy. Perfect for Jack White and White Stripes -type of sound. The tone and contour knobs offer a lot of options when it comes to shaping your sound.
- High build quality
The metal box is sturdy and very high quality and the knobs and swithes feel very sturdy as well. You don't need to worry about this pedal getting damaged.
- Sound
The sounds this pedal offers are fantastic, not just versatile. This pedal really makes your guitar scream, and when playing rhythm there's suprisingly a lot of clarity, which is very typical for most of the Fender distortion pedals.
- Looks
The brushed aluminium in the bright red colour makes this pedal really stand out from your pedalboard. I love it how Fender makes their pedals look so cool and unique.
- Other features
You can switch on and off the little led lights in the knobs. This is very useful on a dark stage, so that you can see your settings easily.
The battery box is opened from the back, not from the bottom of the pedal and the hatch to the battery box is held by magnets so changing batteries is super easy and no screw driver is needed.

- Bright on-off light
The on-off light is insanely bright. In normal light it's just very annoying, but on a dark stage it makes it impossible to see the rest of your pedal and the pedals next to it. I fixed the problem by taping over the light so it's not a huge minus, but of course it would be nice to not have to use tape.
- Low unity gain
If you are playing very loud, you have to turn the volume of the pedal very high (1-3 o'clock) to match your amp volume, which leaves quite a little room for any volume boost. I haven't found this much of a problem since there is some room for volume boost - just keep in mind that not very much. In bedroom volume levels there is no problem.
Qualité de fabrication
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Une erreur est malheureusement survenue, veuillez réessayer ultérieurement svp.
Difficult to use
nocheinpils 24.12.2019
Great: build quality: visual
Not Great: Fuzz 2; very hard to get a good sound: Octave switch; useless

At 130e, expect cheaper alternatives are around.
Qualité de fabrication
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