Fender Player Plus Strat MN 3CSB


Guitare électrique

  • Corps en aulne
  • Manche vissé en érable
  • Touche en érable
  • Repères "points" Perloïd noir
  • Profil du manche: Modern C
  • Diapason: 648 mm (25,51")
  • Rayon de la touche: 305 mm (12,01")
  • Largeur au sillet: 42,8 mm (1,69")
  • Sillet en os synthétique
  • 22 frettes Medium Jumbo
  • 3 micros simple bobinage Player Plus Noiseless Strat
  • 1 réglage de volume
  • 2 réglages de tonalité
  • 2ème contrôle de tonalité avec fonction Push/Push permettant d'activer le micro manche en position 1 et 2 du sélecteur
  • Sélecteur 5 positions
  • Pickguard 3 plis vert menthe
  • Vibrato synchronisé 2 points avec pontets style blocs
  • Mécaniques Deluxe fermées moulées sous pression
  • Accastillage nickel/chrome
  • Cordes Fender USA 250LR NPS .009 - .046 (103326)
  • Couleur: 3-Color Sunburst
  • Livrée en housse Deluxe
Couleur Sunburst
Corps Aulne
Table d'harmonie Aucune
Manche Erable
Touche Erable
Frettes 22
Diapason 648 mm
Micros SSS
Vibrato 2 points
Housse incluse Oui
Étui inclus Non
Référencé depuis Septembre 2021
Numéro d'article 525024
Conditionnement (UVC) 1 Pièce(s)
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955 €
Envoi gratuit et TVA incluse.
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Living the childhood dream
tormal 06.10.2021
Since I started playing the guitar 30+ years ago, Fender Stratocaster was THE guitar for me. Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Ritchie Blackmore - all my heroes played Strats. But growing up in Hungary in the 80s there was no chance for a beginner to get a real one, so my first guitar was a Musima Lead Star - the GDR copy of the Fender Strat.
Many years have gone since, I was lucky enough to have had a few guitars, most of them chosen for practical reasons. I love all of them, but something was missing... So I decided to acquire a Player Strat – and on the very same day Fender released Player Plus series. Trouble again... But then I checked the specs: locking tuners - great; rolled fingerboard edges - great, like my other guitars; noiseless single coil pickups - great, I have all other pickup combinations but this; push-pull to add neck pickup to positions 1 & 2: so all possible pickup combinations are available – and that was what I had already wanted to make on my Musima 30 years ago. Alea iacta est - the dice was thrown.
Today she arrived and after a small tuning adjustment I took her to our weekly rehearsal. I use a Line6 Helix LT and my new love sounded great with that, especially with the tones I designed with a Variax Spank (Strat) model in hand. Other patches of mine that use humbuckers as input cried for a higher pickup output level to which these noiseless single coils are not capable of doing, so I may need some adjusment. But it is not the guitar's fault, it is just personal preference.
The noiseless pickups sounded great and are really noiseless. The push-pull function adds such tonality that is unusual for a Strat, but can come very handy in a few situations. Rolled edges with satin finish played like a charm.
Locking tuners did their job, I am sure they will be even better with fresh strings. I decided to fix the tremolo when I take the guitar to my favourite luthier to adjust it to my needs, I suppose tuning keeping will also be even better after that.
All in all I can say that it worthed to wait for my childhood love to come, I will not leave her ever.
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