Engl E305 Gigmaster Head

Tête d'ampli guitare à lampes

  • Puissance: 30 Watt
  • 2 canaux
  • EQ 3 bandes
  • Gain Boost et Mid Boost (commutables en face avant ou via un pédalier optionnel)
  • Lampe préamplificateur: 1 x ECC83S
  • Lampes amplificateur: 4 x EL84
  • Boucle d'effets
  • Réverbération intégrée
  • Sortie ligne symétrique (Jack 6,3mm) avec simulation de baffles
  • Sorties baffles 8 et 16 Ohm
  • Dimensions: 500 x 233 x 255 mm
  • Poids: 12,3 kg
  • Pédalier Z-4 optionnel non-fourni (N° d'article 160993)
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Exemples sonores

  • Blues Reference
  • Funk Reference
  • Metal Reference
  • Rock Reference
  • Blues
  • Funk
  • Metal
  • Rock
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Plus d'infos

Puissance 30 W
Lampes de puissance EL84
Canaux 2
Réverbération Oui
Footswitch Non

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Qualité de fabrication

A sure shot if you?re after impeccable tone

Carnivore, 15.10.2018
I had been searching for an ENGL amp to add to my amplifier lineup for quite some time. However, since I only do studio work and do have limitations in terms of space, I has looking around 50 watts or less. In addition, I prefer to retain the flexibility of having different cabs and speakers, so a small to medium head was the target. That left me with 5 options to acquire ENGL tones.

After some investigation, I was sold to the Gigmaster?s tone, and ultimately went for the 30 watts version and not their smaller option (15 watts) mainly because I hoped to have better headroom for my clean sounds. With that choice I lost the power soak (only available on the GIgmaster 15), but that was no biggie for me.

A week after purchase, the amp arrived and I started to fiddle with it every day for hours. Both the tone and the construction quality of this amp is unquestionable. Solid and well designed, is elegant in form and brutal in substance. Chome and leather on the exterior and one of the most tidy chassis I have seen on the interior, for the quality you should expect from a German made amp.

The EQ is vital and useful on the ful spectrum of each band and the onboard reverb (which struck me as extremely subtle in priciple) is classy and elegant, 100% useful. Worth my while to mention that every demo I did see until getting my hands on this amp presented it as brutal mean machine, either exploding with massive mids or monstrously scooped in most cases representing its tone as it is the ultimate german new metal tool. It could be so but -as noted-, due to its fantastic EQ is much, much more than that.

The clean channel is almost beautiful to my ears, Ranging from very organic clean tones with impeccable bass authority and present highs and mids that can cut throught without being brittle or harsh, up to some classic crunchy tones that reminded me of some classic tones that I did not expect to get here. Modern gain sounds, again to my ears since these are also subject to personal preference, are perfect for rock, alt, 80/90 metal and the like. It can do modern metal convingcinly, but I guess you will be more at home with an Ironball or metal master if that is what you are after. Without prejudice, you can get massive high gain retaining note by note definition (exactly what I am after).

I confess that I was somehow concerned that this gain sound could be possible having just one 12ax7 in the preamp section, but an amazing desing proved me wrong. This amp should be included in any serious high gain monster collection, since is more than capable to produce that (say much more than my Blackstar HT or Marshall Origin, yet somehow less than my Peavey 6505 or my Mesa dual rectifier).

In an nutshell: I couldn?t be happier!

Now onto things I did not like so far: (i) the switching possibilities of this amp are clever and many (particularly useful in a live situation) however, I did not appreciate that the amp came with no switch (you can always get one, sure (either the ultra expensive z4 from Engl or a cheap generic thing for ten times less) but if the amp comes with features that could only be accessed with a footswtich, I expected the courtesy. Hell! the amp even came without a power cable! But I imagine you have to cut some corner to get to this price point, and no cuts in quality are to be found here in the amp itself (or even in the impressive packaging), so.... But in any case, to take full profit from the switching capabilities of this amp you need THREE! double switches, and at least one option could not be accessed in any other way that via a footswtich. (ii) Even when this is amongst the most affordable ENGL amps, is still expensive vis-a-vis alternative options which might achieve a similar result. Made sense for a made in Germany amp, but still....
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Qualité de fabrication


Arne aus G., 16.09.2012
Avez le petit Engl pendant plusieurs mois et je suis absolument satisfait. totalement saturés De bluesy nettoyer tous les équipements lourds sont disponibles.

Le traitement montre que "la bonne vieille Allemagne" est encore un titre de qualité. Malheur lorsqu'il est relâché. Depuis rugissements non seulement un petit ours, comme on jette hors tension. En particulier, les multiples possibilités de l'utilisation des fonctions auxiliaires telles que le volume boost, le gain boost, mid-boost, etc .... laissez le nain croître à un son géants.

Le malheur est que les options mentionnées et d'autres doivent passer uniquement par chacune des pédales séparées (Z4). Ce serait bien une pédale sommaire avec toutes les options, ou des interfaces directes pour pédale spécifique au fournisseur. Afin de mettre en œuvre les principales caractéristiques J'ai maintenant deux pédales Z4 en cours d'utilisation. En fait inutile, ou ??

Sinon, il y a son fatigué et même pour toutes les directions sonores. Il est pas un Marshall, Mesa Boogie non, mais un Anglais, Made in Germany. D'accord aussi loin ???
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