DV Mark Evo-1

Tête d'ampli guitare électrique

  • Puissance: 250 Watt sous 4 Ohm / 150 Watt sous 8 Ohm
  • 2 canaux avec contrôle de tonalité séparé: basses, médiums, aigus
  • Préréglages de son par canal (commutateur, contrôleur, MIDI)
  • Réverbération et Boost contrôlables (canal 2)
  • Contrôleur: gain par canal, master
  • Sortie casque ajustable
  • Entrée active / passive et entrée auxiliaire
  • Accordeur avec commutateur de coupure
  • Boucle d'effet: envoi / retour
  • Entrée MIDI
  • Sortie ligne commutable: +4 dB / -10 dB
  • Sortie haut-parleur: Jack / Speakon
  • Port USB pour la gestion des préréglages via MAC / PC
  • Logiciel EVO 1 (téléchargement via le site DV MARK)
  • Dimensions (L x P x H): 360 x 254 x 80 mm
  • Poids: 3,2 kg
  • Contrôleur EVO 1 disponible en option (non inclus)

Plus d'infos

Puissance 250 W
Réverbération Oui
Effets Oui
Footswitch Non
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Qualité de fabrication
The coolest sound with compact dimensions
Bomberghini, 23.10.2018
I always wanted to have a compact amplifier with good sound that can be putted in a backpack. An amplifier that can be taken to the rehearsal without any problems. And I think I found it.

I'll start a review with my impressions from unboxing. The box is sealed with large metal clips. Excellent option of protection from against opening. Inside the amplifier is securely packed and fixed with foam plastic. This kind of box can be safely dropped from the aircraft and nothing happens with the amplifier.

Compared to full-size amps, this is a baby. But at the same time it is very powerful (in my house, I used amp power only for 6% and these power just blew my cat away from the guitar cabinet). I continue to inspect the box, found the power cable and ears for the rack with fasteners. There is no instruction, warranty card and cable to connect to PC. Earlier when I bought an amplifier or preamp... This kind of thing has always been inside. Perhaps in my case, "DV Mark" company simply forgot to put them, but perhaps this is the idea of the manufacturer. Well... I went to the "DV Mark" website, found the instruction and connect the amplifier to the "Orange PPC412HP-8" cabinet. While I connected the amplifier, I noticed the minuses of the assembly. On the rear panel there are 2 buttons related to linear output. These buttons are located asymmetrically relative to each other, as if one button is recessed deeper by another half a centimeter. Further, I saw that on the cap around all fasteners a metallic spraying was torn off. Those who assembled furniture from IKEA will probably understand me (when you start to tighten the fasteners, the paint next to the thread comes off a couple of millimeters). That's about the same effect, only with a metallic coating. On the front panel, most knobs are unevenly mounted. Where there should be a position of zero, there can be a position of 1. It's easy to fix. But why not make it exactly from the factory? I also thought that the front panel would be made of tempered glass, so it will save the user from scratching, but alas, it is either plastic or some similar material... I am afraid that over time scratches will appear. And the last external flaw - on the logo "DV Mark" there is dirt on the back side. This is especially noticeable when the amplifier is turned on and you see a beautiful logo inside which is a black spot...

Turn to the impressions of the use and sound, and believe me, this is the strength of this amplifier. During the first 15 minutes I was able to find my sound from 6 of the 12 available amps. This is just incredible! On the "Channel 1" we have 4 amps for clean, 1 for crunch and 1 for lead. The last one is called "Progressive" (Mesa Boogie Mark V Custom). For reasons unknown to me, this amplifier sounds on "DV Mark" "Channel 1" as if you were playing on a clean channel. But if this amp model transfer by the software to the "Channel 2" of the amp you will hear the lead sound! The sound of the famous "Mesa Mark V". I was just overwhelmed by the sound of this amplifier. How true and alive he was! The knobs of middle and high frequencies change well the character and color of the sound. You can easily adjust the sound similar to the album Master of Puppets! On the "Channel 2" we have 3 amps for crunch and 3 for lead. For myself, I singled out the 4th amplifier on the "Channel 2" - "Maragold" (DV Mark Greg Howe signature). Very picturesque sound. As in the case of the "Progressive" (Mesa Boogie Mark V Custom) is a very versatile amplifier model. If you want to play something in the style of "Periphery" or "Metallica" it's easier than ever! Want to play something from the classics, such as "Dio" or "Judast Priest" - you can get this sound! On the "DV Mark Evo" it is easy to find your sound in any style, while all, absolutely all models of amplifiers here sound lively and natural. No fuzz and midrange dips. Also, a spring reverb model is well implemented here. Sounds great! On clean, for example, using the "Darkface 65 model" (65 Blackface Fender Twin) is a pleasure to play. And how cool the "JCM800" model sounds here! "ACDC" reefs sound so vivid! Oh... I almost forgot to write about the tuner. For this tuner, I can't tune the guitar. Sounds probably funny... "DV Mark" implemented a very strange model of the tuner. On the front panel there is a designation of a standard guitar pitch. All indicators are 3 colors. Green color means that the note in tune, and orange and yellow indicates that the note is higher or lower (I hope I was not mistaken in the colors). For example - when you pick the open B you see that on the front panel the light bulb on the B. It can turn green if you in tune or are close to it. In addition to the above, the 3 colors glow so brightly that it hurts to look after 5 seconds of tuning the guitar. Summing up, I will say that this amplifier will easily replace a large / full-sized amplifier without loss of power. When playing at home or at rehearsals you will always have a good and lively sound. You will not get lost in the mix. This amp has a very good and tight sound, the middle is just gorgeous! All the disadvantages of this amplifier come down to its assembly, which simply blows away by the coolest sound with compact dimensions.
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