Ensemble stéréo composé de 2 microphones DPA 4006

  • Directivité: Omnidirectionnelle
  • Nécessite une alimentation fantôme 48V
  • Diamètre du diaphragme: 16 mm
  • Idéal pour enregistrement stéréo A-B
  • Réponse en fréquence: 10 Hz - 20 kHz
  • SPL Max: 147 dB
  • Longueur: 170 mm
  • Diamètre: 19 mm
  • Poids: 163 g
  • 2 bonnettes anti-vent et mallette incl.
Alimenté par piles Non
Micro canon Non
Couple stéréo Oui
Coupe-Bas commutable Non
Pad commutable Non
Directivité Omnidirectionnelle
Référencé depuis Mai 2010
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The Konzertmeister
Hermione 21.06.2019
The DPA ST4006A microphones belong to the series of microphones that made the reputation of the brand. Electret transducers have long been considered incapable of competing with polarized electrostatic capsules, which are the tools of demanding professionals, in institutions where the cost of equipment is less important than the quality of the result. Originally, the manufacturer, Brüel & Kjær, specialized in measuring instruments for acoustic laboratories. It quickly became apparent that the qualities of these transducers made them exceptional microphones for some types of hight end recording. In 1978, one of the future founders of the DPA company made them known to the world of sound recording of exception. This was the beginning of a long production of microphones intended for the most delicate recordings. With the progress of digital recording, more and more studios adopted these exceptionally transparent microphones to record the most delicate instruments in concert halls where acoustics showcased them. It is therefore rather outside the studios that the series of microphones DPA 4006 has had great success. They are used most often in pairs in AB configuration, with few extra spot microphones, to avoid scrambling the accuracy of the sound image. The ST4006A DPA pair is a stereo set of reference that is essential to purists whenever absolute respect for natural sound is sought. Many prestige microphones owe their success to their typical character, due to a particular coloring. On the contrary, DPA ST4006A does not add or remove anything from what it captures. It comes in a Peli Case case with two clips, two high quality foam cups, an individual measurement of each numbered copy, along with a measure of the difference in the response curve between the two pickups in the pair. The housing also contains two replacement grids, which acoustically emphasize the high frequencies to compensate for the attenuation caused by the impedance of the air when the distance between the microphone and the source is large. Optionally DPA also offers a set of small sound pressure equalization spheres that make the capsules totally omnidirectional, even at the highest frequencies. The body (MMP-A) of the microphones contains a preamplifier with particularly low noise. This preamplifier has a recessed switch that attenuates the sensitivity of 20 dB to capture very high pressures. You will find the DPA ST4006A pair in all the equipment of professionals of classical acoustic music and even amateurs who refuse concessions. Their long experience has led them to abandon cheaper microphones. If the high price of the ST4006A DPA is an obstacle or the recording presents physical hazards, a pair of DPA 4060 or 6060 or 4060 AB couples are good alternatives more affordable, but without achieving the spectacular transparency of the DPA ST4006A.
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Tomamusic 20.02.2017
Niesamowicie dobrze brzmiące mikrofony!!! Brzmienie bardzo realnie oddające to co się nagrywa. Kapitalnie oddają też pomieszczenie w jakim się nagrywa. 200% polecam, choć cena... ach;)
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