Cort KX700 Evertune Open Pore Black


Guitare électrique

  • Série KX
  • Table en frêne
  • Corps en acajou
  • Manche 5 pièces vissé en érable/noyer
  • Touche en ébène
  • Rayon de la touche: 400 mm
  • Largeur au sillet: 43 mm
  • Diapason: 648 mm
  • 24 frettes en acier inoxydable
  • 1 micro double bobinage Seymour Duncan Sentient (manche)
  • 1 micro double bobinage Seymour Duncan Nazgûl (chevalet)
  • 1 réglage de volume
  • 1 réglage de tonalité
  • Sélecteur 3 positions
  • Chevalet Evertune
  • Accastillage noir
  • Mécaniques bloquantes Cort
  • Cordes D'Addario EXL110 / .010 - .046 (104555)
  • Finition: Vernis à pores ouverts
  • Couleur: Noir
Référencé depuis Avril 2022
Numéro d'article 539939
Conditionnement (UVC) 1 Pièce(s)
Couleur Noir
Corps Acajou
Table d'harmonie Frêne
Manche Erable, noyer
Touche Ebène
Frettes 24
Diapason 648 mm
Micros HH
Vibrato Non
Housse incluse Non
Étui inclus Non
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1.045 €
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Une erreur est malheureusement survenue, veuillez réessayer ultérieurement svp.
Solid guitar, small QA issues
Suppaf 19.08.2022
Let's begin with lots of positive things about this guitar.

-It looks amazing if you are into the open pore finish, different pieces of woods blend all together and it's also a pleasure to the touch.

-The feeling from construction is very solid and not too much weighty, around 3.25Kg.

-The neck is very smooth and your hand never gets stuck, even better than satin finishes in my opinion. Neck size is in between a Jackson and Fender Stratocaster. Does not feel slim but not fat either.

-Pickups: can't say much because I'm no expert, but the sound feels 'dark' to me.

-Evertune bridge works as expected once you give a look at the video tutorials on the Evertune website and get an understanding of the inner workings.

-Frets: frets leveling is superb. They are well leveled and smooth (in both the guitars I owned). I was able to lower the action to 1mm and 0.75mm (12th fret) with some regular buzz but no strange noises. Never been able to go so down even on 1500$ guitars because one of the frets would always stick and mute the high E at some point.

-Locking tuners: always welcome.

Now some cons:

-I had to return the first one because the headstock's edge had a big bump.. no big problem, but your eye would often go there.
Both guitars were built very well but at the same time share some imperfections in the finish such as imperfectly painted lines and a bit of tool marks here and there. I think it's in the nature of the open wood and putting together different pieces to be less clean than a painted work.
But probably at 1100$ I would have expected a bit more attention to detail.

-Already experienced fret sprouts; probably the fretboard shrank under my climate and I had to smooth the edges myself.

-There is no arm carve so I get always some little red 'marks' after finishing playing. The top is not sharp at all, but your arm will rest on a steep angle nonetheless.

-It comes with a very, very cheap bag.

Conclusion: I kept the second one and I'm satisfied with my first Cort guitar; I really hope they get better with the small details.
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