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Boston MMV-310-PY


  • Pour basse Marcus Miller 4 cordes de la série V7
  • 3 plis
  • Couleur: Pearl Yellow

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Qualité de fabrication
Satisfied anyway
Matomic, 19.05.2021
The look and quality is great in my opinion. For everyone who likes the instrument to get a slightly different look compared to the factory, this mask definitely gives the instrument its uniqueness.
The shape and dimensions fit perfectly for Sire MM V7 2nd Generation Bass, but the screw holes do not fit perfectly. Above the magnets they fit perfectly, but below along the very edge of the bass, the bass does not. Of the nine screws, seven can be twisted, but two are not possible without widening the hole in the bass itself. Not a big problem, but if the original mask were returned then those holes would be wider.
*Note p.s.
on some other Sire model or any other JB I didn't have a chance to try it, so it is easily possible that the dimensions are not appropriate, and vice versa that all the screws match perfectly.
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