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Baton Rouge X1S/DCE Dark Hole

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  • Country DI
  • Fingerstyle
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  • Indie Pop
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  • Picking
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  • Strumming
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Guitare électro-acoustique

  • Dreadnought
  • Pan coupé
  • Table en épicéa allemand massif
  • Fond et éclisses en acajou
  • Manche en acajou
  • Touche et chevalet en ovangkol
  • 20 frettes
  • Diapason: 630 mm
  • Largeur au sillet: 46 mm
  • Sillets de tête et de chevalet NuBone
  • Mécaniques chrome noir moulées sous pression avec boutons noirs
  • Système de micro Baton Rouge BR-2.1P by Shadow
  • Cordes Elixir
  • Finition: Poreux
  • Couleur: Noir métallique mat
Table Epicéa
Dos et éclisses Acajou
Pan coupé Oui
Touche Ovangkol
Largeur au sillet en mm 46,00 mm
Frettes 20
Micros Oui
Couleur Noir
Étui Non
Housse incl. Non
Numéro d'article 429600
394 €
Envoi gratuit et TVA incluse.
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Disponible immédiatement

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Expédition estimée le Mercredi, 20.10.
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Qualité de fabrication

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"Black beauty" - good sound and build quality at an affordable price
boris.t 09.03.2021
Had this guitar for about a week now - and thought it was about time I could add a review for Thomann' fellows, as well.

Bought this guitar as an upgrade to my older begginer-intermediate guitar. I am not a professional musician, so if You're reading this review thinking to replace a 5K euro Taylor guitar for the BR, I recommend going to a music store and get Your hands on it before taking that decision.

The Good about the guitar:
* The price - at 399 Euro, I thought this was a very good price for a solid' wood instrument - so it ticked that box for me straight away. The guitar is just perfect size and weight for me. I was a bit' worried about moving from 43 mm (previous guitar) nut width to 46 mm (on this BR) - but that, to be honest was a very good change - it is so much easier to play now, especially if You do some picking, as well - I would not want a 43mm again; Also, the guitar scales length is 630 mm on BR (I used the 650 mm before) - but that reflected good for me - I like this setup more now, makes it a bit' easier to play the guitar.
* The sound - did I mention I was buying this as an upgrade to my older 200 Euro electro-acoustic guitar? Well - after playing the Baton Rouge for just a few hours - I picked my old guitar again and I could not belive the difference in sound - the BR is by far superior - tones are bright and clear and sound resonates much longer. One note - the Batton' basses (thicker strings) are stronger and louder then what I was used to with my older guitar - so I had to adjust a bit' my play style - to balance'off the sound level across all the strings.
* The design - I loved this guitar as soon as saw it (I was searching on Thomann for a guitar in the range of 350-500 and came across this BR by chance, did not even know at the time that Baton Rouge is a guitar brand) - I looked up online - and apart from a russian video review and a few videos made by a polish guitar player on Youtube could not find much - so was kinda' thinking - to buy/to not buy - but am happy to have made the decision and got it.
* The electric pickup - I did not use it much - tested it for about an hour, just to check if it worked. It is good, does what it should. One thing to note - I found a Youtube video for the BR2.1P dual pick-up system - and the guy in the video recommended using the sound "blender" at 13:00 O'clock position, to me it sounds much better at 10:00-11:00 (sound coming directly from close to guitar neck did not feel so exciting when guitar was plugged into the amp, so I balanced more to the bridge pickup); another note - I also had to tighten the plug where electric cable hooks into the guitar as it was pretty loose - but that is a few mins job - if You have a spanner handy). Just make sure You use proper cables when testing the electrics, at first I had a "hiss" noise and thought it was the guitar - but then replaced the electric cable - and all sounds good now (no "hisses" or other strange noises)
* Service from Thomann (including delivery) - I had to wait for about two weeks for this guitar to be available - but that was fine - it was noted on the website about delivery times; then it took 4 working days from DE to IE; packaging - very good - all arrived intact and in good condition. Thomann responded within two working days from the moment I submitted the query on delivery times - so well done on that, also.
The things to be aware of about the guitar (not bad, just needing attention)
* The tuning pegs (things that spin around for strings tuning) are partially made of plastic (? while they look nice on this guitar, they are made in a combination with plastic; they seem to hold strings tune very well so far - but I think of replacing them in the future for 100% metal ones ,that's the only reason why I gave 4 stars for quality, the overall build deserves 5 stars)
* Cleaning of the guitar - this will make You laugh - one of the reasons I liked this guitar was for the black MATTE finish - it looks amazing - but I will need to figure out how to clean the fingeprints and the dust off it without damaging the paint-work (I think there are special cleaning products for the matte finishes, will need to read on that). Again - this is not too bad - but will just require a bit' more attention to keep the guitar nice and clean.
---- Update on this ^ a week later - I found exactly the product that works well for the matte paint (not advertising here the brand - it is called "Guitar Detailer for Matte & Gloss Finishes" - You can find it online - and also a very soft cleaning cloth - again - not advertising the brand - You can find it as "Ultra-Plush Microfiber Polish Cloth"). They do a good job on the guitar matte finish - and protect the paint-work.

That's pretty much what I can say about my new "BR X1S/DCE Dark Hole" after having it for a week.
* Would I buy the same guitar again - YES
* Did it meet my expectations - YES, for sure
* Should YOU buy it - Well, donno' probably Your decision - depends what You have in plan, what is Your budget and what You require from the guitar; to me it ticked <almost> all the boxes.

Thx for stopping by and reading this.
Stay safe :)
Qualité de fabrication
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Une erreur est malheureusement survenue, veuillez réessayer ultérieurement svp.
Tolle Gitarre für den Umstieg von Konzert auf Western
philippsee 23.04.2020
Als Kind habe ich jahrelang Konzertgitarre gespielt. Durch Freunde kam ich wieder auf den Trichter mit Gitarre spielen anzufangen. Die Coronakrise und dadurch bedingte freie Zeit als Lehrer motivierte mich auch dazu eine Gitarre online zu bestellen, ohne sie jemals in der Hand gehabt zu haben. Ich weiß, viele werden mit dem Kopf schütteln und das auch wahrscheinlich zurecht, aber abwarten bitte und weiterlesen:

Ich startete mit einer Fender mit einer Sattelbreite von 43mm, die ich aber zurücksenden musste, da ich überhaupt nicht mit ihr klar kam. Ich war unzufrieden, über meine fehlende Idee, mich über den wichtigen Faktor Sattelbreite zu informieren. Die Umstellung von meiner alten Konzert- (50mm Sattelbreite) auf eine Westerngitarre (klassisch 43 mm) war schwieriger als gedacht. Meine riesigen Hände griffen gefühlt jede Saite an. Da bei den Gitarren meiner Freunde solche Probleme nicht vorhanden waren, fragte ich noch einmal nach. Ein paar Gespräche später wurde mir schnell klar, was ich benötige: Eine größere Sattelbreite.

Da mein oberster Preisrahmen bei circa 400 Euro lag (Motivation ist zwar hoch; aber man weiß ja nie...) stieß ich auf die Baton Rouge X1S/DCE Dark Hole. 3 Tage später war sie auch schon da - und ich verliebt. Was für eine Optik. Die Sterne, ja okay, das einzig etwas störende, aber ansonsten - einfach nur volle Begeisterung.
Es passt alles und ich bin megahappy.
Qualité de fabrication
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