Adams Marimba Mallet R140


Paire de maillets

  • Pour marimba
  • Série Bogdan Bacanu
  • Version "Médium"
  • Noyaux en caoutchouc
  • Manches en rotin
  • Longueur: 432 mm
Référencé depuis Novembre 2013
Numéro d'article 325615
Conditionnement (UVC) 1 Pièce(s)
Matériau de la tête Fil
Matériau du manche Rotin
Dureté Moyen
Convient pour Marimba
55 €
TVA incl. ; Supplément de 5,90 € pour l´envoi
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Disponible immédiatement

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Livraison estimée entre le Vendredi, 2.06. et le Lundi, 5.06.
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One of the best mallets available!
Denislav 29.05.2019
I have been to many masterclasses and competitions all around the world and these mallets are on of the most popular pairs to be found. They never fail to deliver amazing sound ,especially on Adams marimbas. They sound great. In the Bacanu Series The R140 model gives you the best balance in terms of hardness. You can combine them with a single red mallet from the series in the left hand for better bass. I have to mention that they are pretty heavy so be aware! I've heard that there might be a difference in quality of the rattan used between different pairs ,but haven't had such issues myself. Overall they are really good!
Qualité de fabrication
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