Vic Firth 5A American Classic Hickory



  • Size 5A
  • American Classic Series
  • Hickory wood
  • Wooden tips
  • Teardrop tips
  • Ideal for rock and as practice sticks
  • Length: 406 mm
  • Diameter: 14,4 mm
Tuotenumero 101808
Myyntierä 1 kappaletta
Material Hickory
Nylon Head No
Tip Tear Shaped
Length in mm 406 mm
Handle Diameter in mm 14,4 mm
Weight in g 50,0 g
11,90 €
Sis. ALV. Ei sisällä 12 € rahtikulua
Hinta per kappale Säästösi Summa
11,90 € 1
11,29 € 5,1% 6
10,89 € 8,5% 12

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Tietoa lähetyksestä
Arvioitu lähetyspäivä Torstai, 8.12. mennessä
Shame on Vic Firth
Tuntematon 07.04.2017
I have used many years Vic Firth 5A sticks and the've been always the best choice for my drumming. But lately I bought three value packs (total 12 pair of sticks) and the quality of these sticks have been even below medium standards. The sticks have been really fragile and they have broken so quickly.

Less than hour of playing and they've been broke at worst. Also the sticks have been strangely light or different weight. Im really sad cause I love Vic Firth 5A sticks and i would like to keep buying and using them cause they've fit to my rock playing so well over the years.

But now I have to really consider to change the stick brand if they keep making so different quality of drumsticks. The last straw was yesterday when I had really really important show with my band and we fucked up couple of songs all because of the sticks just split into two peaces. I the stick pair was new....
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Hyvät kepit
rumpalipoika 28.03.2022
Erittäin jämäkät ja miellyttävät kepit soittoon.
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Great value for your money
LexiBoiii 03.02.2019
As someone who used to always go for the cheapest option in drumsticks, I was hesitant to go up to a higher price class, thinking "eh, they'll break quickly anyway."

But after my first try with these sticks, I am never going back to the cheap brands. The difference in maneuverability, feel and especially durability is profound.

I have since also tried some more high-end options, but I feel the standard Vic Firth 5As strike a good balance between quality and cost.

All in all, very good quality sticks for a decent price. 6/5 would recommend!
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The go-to stick
Muovinen 22.05.2018
The 5A American Classic Hickory gives me the perfect balance and power to play all sorts of music from slow doom to fast hardcore. The attack is fast and clear and the tip is just the right size and form. I go through the whole lot of these when shopping at the local music store and inspect the roots of the tips because that's where they brake if the wood goes the wrong way. In the end the rim shots eat the sticks away at the centre and they finally give up but that usually takes a pretty long time to happen. Quality product!
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