Shure GLXD14


Wireless System

  • Beta Instrument series
  • Digital 2.4 GHz wireless system
  • GLXD1 bodypack transmitter and WA 302 guitar cable
  • Up to 8 systems in parallel
  • Automatic frequency management
  • Pilot tone
  • Microprocessor-controlled antenna diversity
  • Display of battery life in hours and minutes
  • Remote adjustable transmitter gain control
  • Integrated battery charge port
  • Metal bodypack
  • Plastic receiver
  • Fixed antennas on the front
  • XLR and jack outputs
  • High-resolution LCD display
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life
  • Range of up to 60 m
  • Incl. Shure Lithium-ion battery, charger and WA302 guitar cable
Guitar Channels 1
Transmission Format Digital
Frequency 2400 MHz
Transmitter Type Pocket Transmitter
Receiver Type Stationary
Mountable Antenna No
Charging System Yes
Internal Battery Yes
Myynnissä vuodesta Lokakuu 2013
Tuotenumero 315967
Myyntierä 1 kappaletta
Diversity 1
Frequency from 2400 MHz
Frequency to 2400 MHz
Transmission Power in mW 10 mW
Usable Frequencies 11
Switching bandwidth in MHz 74 MHz
Frequency Display 1
Automatic Frequency Search 1
Battery Status Display 1
Transmitter with Accu Yes
Output XLR
Receiver Width in mm 183 mm
Receiver Height in mm 40 mm
Receiver Depth in mm 117 mm
Rackkit Yes
Receiver Weight in kg 0,3 kg
Rackkit No.: 133263
Splitter 420886
Näytä enemmän
439 €
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Saatavilla 9-12 viikon sisällä
Saatavilla 9-12 viikon sisällä

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Valitettavasti tapahtui virhe. Ole hyvä ja yritä uudelleen.
Great guitar wireless
Tuntematon 19.07.2016
So why I decided to go with GLX Shure system? First of all, I like the fact that it operates in 2.4 GHz digital band. That means you can take it anywhere in the world with you, and so you don?t need a license for certain frequencies in some countries. This digital transfer has no artifacts and it has cleaner sound as well. ?When you power up GLX system, it automatically searches for the best available frequency and then sets the transmitter to the same frequency -> no buttons to push. If any interference occurs receiver and transmitter switch the frequency automatically. According to Shure specifications, you can have up to 4 compatible systems in a typical settings and 8 compatible systems under ideal conditions in 2.4 GHz frequency band.

Transmitter is very durable. All metal. There is no display, just a simple on of switch. In this opening you can see a USB charging input and a link button to quickly set up multiple devices. Easily clips on you guitar belt. Nothing else to say. Totally gigs friendly.

Yes there are cheaper systems out there, but the reason why I chose this one is because of the sound quality of course AND the battery life. Even if I buy a cheaper unit, the cost will end up the same in a few years with buying batteries. I prefer paying the right price right in the start, and plus it?s more convenient.

This unit is powered by Lithium ion battery that lasts for 10.000 working hours, replaces around 2000 conventional batteries and saves you hundreds of $ per year. All this money stays in your pocket :-)
It takes only 15 minutes to charge the battery for around an hour of play. It takes few hours of charging for full 16 hours performance. In my case one battery lasts 4-5 gigs for me.

As a guitar or bass player, you have two options with GLX: Shure GLX-D16 Wireless System with GLX-D6 Wireless Guitar Pedal receiver, and GLXD4 receiver option.

Option1: If you have an analog pedalboard, you might consider using the GLX-D6 pedal receiver. Why because it?s close to the size of most pedals, and you can replace it with your tuner pedal that you already have for example. GLX-D6 has an integrated tuner and some of the tuner LEDs are showing your battery usage. There is an on-of switch as well. With this option, you must charge the battery via USB charger that plugs into the transmitter, or buy a separate cradle charger.

Option 2: If you have digital guitar sound, for example: Kemper profiling amp, AXE FX unit or Line 6 Helix, you might consider using the GLXD4 receiver. All these new popular digital devices already have very sophisticated tuners, and are controlled by separate MIDI foot-switch or the switches on-board. Plus, you don?t need to use additional adapters to charge the battery via USB cable, or buy extra cradle charger -> you can charge battery DIRECTLY in the receiver unit. This is very convenient, faster and no extra devices or cables involved. Another plus that works better for me is that on the digital display of the receiver, you can se EXACT battery usage hours.

- buy the second spare battery?
- buy the extra angled cable for Les Paul style guitar

This is one of the best investments I ever made, and it saves me tons of $$$$$$$$ on batteries.

Highly recommended.
Raportoi ongelmasta

Raportoi ongelmasta

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Valitettavasti tapahtui virhe. Ole hyvä ja yritä uudelleen.
Alex Bolero 27.01.2020
I bought this system for my electric guitar. 9 out of 10 gigs it works perfectly. It happens that sometimes, only in some places, the unit to have interruptions all night long. The bodypack is solid metal. The rechargeable battery is a big plus! You can gig all night long and still have enough battery for 2 more gigs! The gain control is very useful when changing the input source from electric to acoustic.
Overall it is a great product. The sound is good. For my guitarist friends who are looking for a pristine sound, go for a cable.
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Raportoi ongelmasta

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Valitettavasti tapahtui virhe. Ole hyvä ja yritä uudelleen.
Travel anywhere in the world with this brilliant system
Avison_UK 15.09.2014
It's a relief to know I can pack this and go anywhere in the world without breaking local communications laws. But more importantly - it works really, really well too, and better than conventional non-2.4Ghz systems I've used. I only got it recently but already I've used it in several ways, including just guitar (fabulous electro-acoustic) but then mixing guitar, mike and keyboard at my one-man set's mixer and sending it wirelessly to the PA (neat, and very flexible). Just a simple and rational way of doing things.

Pros: solid metal transmitter, really good quality sound.
Cons: none at all.
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Raportoi ongelmasta

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Valitettavasti tapahtui virhe. Ole hyvä ja yritä uudelleen.
Very happy with this product
Antonios M. 04.09.2015
As the title says I'm very happy with this product.
I like the rechargeable battery that can be charged in the unit just in case it's too late when you realise that you forgot to charge it!
Pairing is very easy too and at the moment I'm using 2 GLXD14 units, one with a SM58Beta mic and one with bass, with no problems at all.
The frequency response and clarity are very good and have never lost signal.
A little detail is that the cable from the charger locks at the rear of the unit which doesn't sound like much but is very important.
The only think I dislike is that there is no racking option.
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Raportoi ongelmasta