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RME Fireface UFX+

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gb Alkuperäinen arvostelu (Näytä käännös)
Valitettavasti tapahtui virhe. Ole hyvä ja yritä uudelleen.
Multiple issues, RME support non-existent
dcaudio, 27.02.2020
I bought this based on RME's seemingly stellar reputation, to get the best interface I could that would last me many years.

I don't have a clue what was so different about my computer, but I had nothing but problems from the moment I plugged it in. I never had any such problems with my old interface (an entry level focusrite, cost about £150). Constant dropouts, just completely unusable. It took a near complete PC rebuild, after a week of troubleshooting and trying every solution I could find, to get it remotely functional.

It's still not without problems, but at least now it works enough for me to get work done. It does sound really quite fantastic. Some basic functionality still doesn't work for me, but overall it can do most of what I need it to, and I can live without the things it's still having problems with.

RME support, I will say, is possibly the worst of any company I've ever dealt with. I got one email back saying "your computer is at fault", zero indication what those faults may be or how to fix them, and both of my follow up emails were completely ignored. I'd expect better service from the place that sells me coffee, let alone a top end company charging top end prices.

In summary - while it's mostly functional now, I wish I'd never bought it. I won't ever consider buying RME again, and I won't recommend RME to anyone.
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RME Fireface UFX+

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