MXR Custom Shop Timmy CSP027

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Custom Shop CSP027 Timmy

Kirjoittaja: Trevor Curwen · Sivujen määrä: 1
MXR and Cry Baby are both brands that come under the Jim Dunlop umbrella and are represented here effectively as three MXR pedals. Okay, the Q Zone might be branded as Cry Baby, but it’s housed in a classic MXR enclosure with MXR stamped on the baseplate, so that’ll do for us. That MXR pedal shape – seen here in the Octavio and the Q Zone – has been around since the early 70s days of the Phase 90 et al and it hasn’t changed much. You get the necessary modern inclusions of a bypass LED and a nine-volt input, but you still have to take the four-screw baseplate off to get at the battery. By contrast, the MXR Custom Shop Timmy makes space-saving concessions to the modern pedalboard as a micro pedal with offset jacks and a nine-volt adaptor connection at the top end. One characteristic that these three pedals share (other than all debuting at January’s NAMM Show) is that they are new iterations of older pedals that have been around for some time. Let’s take a closer look…