Odisei Music Travel Sax

Odisei Music Travel Sax; MIDI controller for saxophone players; works with smartphone and PC; position of the 23 keys mimics a conventional saxophone; low latency (8-10 ms); connection via Bluetooth 5.0 or USB-C; built-in rechargeable Li-Po Battery (800mAh) lasts for playing up to 9 hours; very lightweight (225 g); control of the volume through highly sensitive breath sensor; playable with alto saxophone mouthpiece (included); three adaptors for soprano, tenor and baritone saxophone mouthpieces are included; USB-C charging port; charging time: approximately 2 hours; free Travel Sax App is available on Apple Store and Google Play; incl. Travel Sax case, accessory bag, microfiber cloth and USB-C charging cable; Dimensions: (WxHxD): 128 x 220 x 80 mm, made in Spain; note: Travel Sax is a MIDI controller, not a stand-alone instrument; each travel sax is a unique instrument and may differ slightly from each other due to the fact that it is manufactured using 3D Printing

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