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Intellijel Designs Metropolix; Eurorack module; Dual Track Multi Stage Sequencer; master sequence with 8 pitch stages and per stage programmable Pulse Count (1-8) and Gate Mode (Hold, Repeat, Single, Rest); the Tracks 1 and 2 are variants of the master sequence and can be modified in many ways; parameters for each Track: playback order, Track length, clock division, swing, slide time, gate length, note range, transposition and more; 8 modulation lanes can be routed to the 2 assignable outputs A & B or to internal Track parameters for self-modulation; 3 assignable CV inputs with attenuators for modulating internal sequence parameters; memory locations for 64 presets; 2 freely assignable control knobs; clock input and output; reset input; CV/Gate outputs for Tracks 1 & 2; expandable with 8 additional Gate/Trigger outputs via optional Intellijel Gx or Qx module; power consumption: 95mA (+12V) / 10mA (-12V); width: 34 HP; depth: 25mm


Width 34 TE / HP

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gb Alkuperäinen arvostelu (Näytä käännös)
Valitettavasti tapahtui virhe. Ole hyvä ja yritä uudelleen.
breat addition to my eurorack
pnode, 19.03.2021
out of the box the metropolix is great for sequencing/ improving live right away without diving deeper, i bought it for the pulse count and ratchet functions and some wicked grooves came out of it just by minimal tweeking.
on a deeper level, lots to unpack and loads of control over modulation in the module and cv control of other modules etc. programming cv can be a little slow with the push encoder being able to save all your information in presets is great even if the sliders are not in the same place. im using it with the es8 so i can control midi and daw synths.
well worth the money, 10/10.
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Intellijel Designs Metropolix
Intellijel Designs Metropolix
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Intellijel Designs Metropolix; Eurorack module; Dual Track Multi Stage Sequencer; master sequence with 8 pitch stages and per stage programmable Pulse Count (1-8) and Gate Mode (Hold, Repeat,...

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598 €
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