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Harley Benton Fusion-T HH Roasted FNT

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Look No Further
Geraldwow, 25.12.2019
Ive been waiting a couple of weeks for it to be ready to ship and when I finally got it, all I can say is its totally worth the wait. "It sounds as good as it looks" I do own a couple of Suhrs and Tom Andersons and in terms of specs and parts I was immediately drawn to the guitar especially at the price point Thomman is offering it for. The Fusion T probably has the most comfortable neck I've ever played. My main concern when getting the guitar was the need to change the pickups but Harley Benton hit a home run on these pickups. A little tweaking on the pickups height was needed out of the box to balance the volume between the bridge and neck but no biggie there. I need a couple of recordings and sent it over to some friends and told them I got a new Suhr, they all said it sounded great, lets just leave it there :)
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Harley Benton Fusion-T HH Roasted FNT

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