Dreadbox Nymphes


6-Voice Analogue Desktop Synthesizer

  • 6 different selectable playing modes
  • 1 VCO with different waveforms: sawtooth,square and triangle with variable PWM
  • 1 sub oscillator
  • 24dB resonant low pass filter
  • 6dB high pass filter
  • LFO per voice fixed to pitch and filter cutoff
  • LFO 2 free assignable
  • 2 envelope generators
  • Built-in digital reverb
  • 98 presets (49 factory and 49 user)
  • 2 different fader modes selectable: Catch or Jump
  • USB connection
  • Headphone output: 3.5 mm jack
  • Unbalanced mono output: 6.3 mm TS
  • MIDI: 3.5 mm jack
  • Power supply via USB
  • Dimensions: 240 x 124 x 37 mm
  • Weight: 0.75 kg
  • Incl. 3.5 mm TRS-MIDI Type A to DIN5 adapter and USB cable
  • Suitable USB power adapter: Art. 278119 (not included in delivery)
Design Desktop
Polyphony 6
Sound Generation Analogue
MIDI interface 1x In
Storage Medium None
USB-port Yes
Effects Yes
Number of Analog Outputs 1
Digital Output No
Display No
Myynnissä vuodesta Joulukuu 2021
Tuotenumero 527701
Myyntierä 1 kappaletta
Optional Expansions None
Special Features None
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499 €
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Valitettavasti tapahtui virhe. Ole hyvä ja yritä uudelleen.
Sounds great out of the box.
Kev 0 12.01.2022
-Menu system is pretty easy to get the hang of, doesn't feel slow (definitely not any slower than extensive menu diving with a screen).

-The reverb is mono, but if you like spring reverbs it sounds nice. I prefer it to the ridiculous shimmer reverbs that are popular. Obviously it's still digital, but this one has character!

-The shift functions are a little annoying, but I can understand why they brought the functions they did to the front panel. To put it in perspective: it's a lot less hassle to hold shift and move a slider (for lets say the high pass filter) than it would be to go into a menu, then a sub menu to change it.

If you like Japanese sounding polys, this is for you. Looking forward to diving deeper with this one.
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