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AC-160 Soft Bag Accu-Case
Accu-Case AC-160 Soft Bag
Yli 1000 kpl myyty
(status: 04/2017)
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Pienet valo-ohjaimet
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Stairville LED Foot 8 DMX Bundle
Stairville LED Foot 8 DMX Bundle
199 €
Eurolite DMX LED Operator IR2DMX
Eurolite DMX LED Operator IR2DMX
DMX Controller
45 €
ADJ UC3 Basic Controller
ADJ UC3 Basic Controller
Simple Hand Controller for DJ Lighting Effects
  • Manually retrieve various programs and modes of lighting effects without DMX controller
  • Naturally the type of function depends on the respective device
  • Function button to select different built-in programs (eg fast, chases, various pan / tilt movements etc.)
17,90 €
Botex R-4 Fußschalter
Botex R-4 Fußschalter
Foot SwitchThe following functions can be switched:
  • Full On
  • Standby
  • Manual Step
29 €
Showtec SDC-6 DMX controller
Showtec SDC-6 DMX controller
The Showtec SDC-6 is a small battery operated 6 channel DMX controller. It is very suitable for easy applications such as exhibitions, small shops as well for testing of your DMX equipment. 6 individual Channel Fader, 1 Master Fader, 6 DMX Channels (1 to 6),...
68 €
Stairville LED Foot 8 DMX B-Stock
Stairville LED Foot 8 DMX B-Stock
B-Stock, Stairville LED Foot 8 DMX, DMX foot controller for LED lights. The ideal solution for all musicians, DJ's, entertainers, or artists who need to control their LED lights themselves and have no free hands to play . The LED Foot 8 DMX has been...
104 €
Fun Generation IR Remote
Fun Generation IR Remote
Infrared Remote Control
  • Designed for Fun Generation PicoSpot, PicoSpot 20 LED, PicoWash 40, PicoBeam 30 and ClubFX-1
6,90 €
ADJ WiFly RGBW8C B-Stock
ADJ WiFly RGBW8C B-Stock
B-Stock, ADJ WiFly RGBW8C. Features: Compact DMX-512 controller for RGB, RGBW and RGBA LED fixtures with ADJ's WiFLY Transceiver Wireless DMX onboard (also compatible with wired DMX cables), Control up to 8 individual fixtures or fixture groups, 3 user programmable color preset, direct access buttons,...
73 €
Eurolite DMX LED Operator IR2DM B-Stock
Eurolite DMX LED Operator IR2DM B-Stock
B-Stock, Eurolite, DMX LED Operator IR2DMS. Infrared LED DMX controller, DMX controller for LED devices with infrared receiver, Suitable for matching EUROLITE IR remote (246279 optional accessory, required for use), Inexpensive solution for controlling KLS spotlight sets, 4 LED parcans, one KLS light...
33 €
58 €
B-Stock, ADJ RGB 3C IR, controller for RGB LED fixtures, 3 RGB Faders, 9 static color buttons, 7 Colors program mode, 10 Chase Programs, ADJ Remote LED RC2 Compatible (sold separately), DMX output 3-pin XLR, Size: 22 x 14 x 6.3cm, Weight: 0.8kg, B-Stock with...
49 €
Showtec Lite 4 Controller DMX B-Stock
Showtec Lite 4 Controller DMX B-Stock
B-Stock, Showtec Lite 4 Controller DMX 512 Controller. 4 channel DMX dimmer chase controller with pre-set built-in programs and 1 user programmable program. Dimmable pro channel. Output DMX 512. Specifications: Programs: 42 chasing programs, Functions: Memory backup / Hold Dimmer / Hold Sound / Prog....
98 €
125 €
B-Stock, ADJ HEXCON, 36-channel DMX controller that was specifically designed for our "HEX Series" products. Up to 6, RGBAW+UV, LED fixtures or fixture groups can independently be controlled via six fixture buttons. All ADJ HEX series fixtures or fixture groups must be set to run...
71 €
Botex R-4 Fußschalter B-Stock
Botex R-4 Fußschalter B-Stock
B-Stock, Botex R-4 Controller. The externel controller can handle with the following modes: Full on, Standby, Manual Step, Programm running, incl. Cable (6m), B-Stock with full warranty, may have traces of use.
23,90 €

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