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Faksi: +49-9546-9223-443
Saatavilla nyt: Stairville Beam Ball 100 Quad LED 10x10W
Uudet Hot Deals Hall of Fame -tulokkaat
Octagon Theater 20x6W CW/WW/A Stairville
Stairville Octagon Theater 20x6W CW/WW/A
Yli 1000 kpl myyty
(status: 04/2017)
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Stairville Beam Ball 100 Quad LED 10x10W
Stairville Beam Ball 100 Quad LED 10x10W
Multi-Beam Moving Head Ball
  • The range of applications of the Beam Ball 100 covers the entire event industry, from the dance floor to the stage, from small to large clubs and from basement parties to open airs
  • Endlessly rotatable LED ball in both directions, whereby slow and also "high speed" mirror ball effects can be generated
  • Light source: 10 x 10 Watt Quad Color RGBW LEDs
352 €
ADJ XS 400
ADJ XS 400
LED Effect
  • Dual-axis heads that rotate 360 degrees in both directions
  • Compact and lightweight design - perfect device for mobile entertainers, small clubs and bars, roller skating or bowling centers and mobile productions
  • Produces great visual effects such as moving rays and colour changes
155 €
ADJ Crazy 8
ADJ Crazy 8
Moving Head
  • Creates exciting light effects with the help of fast sweeping beams
  • 8-Zone chase, pulse and strobe LED effects
  • Has two independently tilting bars (each with 4 lenses), that project sharp beams with a beam angle of 3.5 degrees of white 8W LEDs.
639 €
Eurolite LED FE-1500 Hybrid Laserflower
Eurolite LED FE-1500 Hybrid Laserflower
3-in-1 DMX Light Effect
  • With red and green laser, rotating LED derby and white strobe LEDs
  • Laser class 2M: no approval or order of a laser safety officer required
  • Rotating Derby for mirror ball effects with 5 x 3 W LEDs (red, green, blue, white and amber)
209 €
Cameo Nano Roll 200
Cameo Nano Roll 200
Cameo Nano Roll 200, Compact double-roller scanner with RGBW LEDs, light source: 2x 10W RGBW LEDs, Beam angle: 4 °, 2 independently controllable stepping motors for fast movements, 180 ° pan and endless tilt, control: DMX (2/4/11/16/19 channels), master / slave, Automatic programs, music control,...
199 €
261 €
Showtec Dominator 3-in-1
Showtec Dominator 3-in-1
3-in-1 LED Light Effect
  • 8 Powerful white strobe LEDs, 200mW RG laser module and 3 Watt RGBWA LED effect.
  • All 3 effects can be selected separately in auto or music controlled programs.
  • It can also be controlled by DMX to give you full control of all features for all effects.
187 €
269 €
ADJ Reflex Pulse LED
ADJ Reflex Pulse LED
LED Effects
  • Double, mirrored LED Moonflower with razor - sharp red, green and blue beams and a LED stroboscope in one
  • Number of LEDs: 32 x red, 30 x green, 30 x blue, 45 x white (stroboscope)
  • ON / OFF switch for the stroboscope
139 €
Showtec Disco Star 3x 3 Watt RGB Ball
Showtec Disco Star 3x 3 Watt RGB Ball
LED Mirror Ball Effect
  • A very compact and powerful plug-and-play effect
  • 3x 3-in-1 LEDs generate the colours red, green, blue, purple, white, yellow and cyan
  • Lenses are in a transparent cover which give them a glowering effect
69 €
85,50 €
Eurolite LED B-40 Beam effect
Eurolite LED B-40 Beam effect
LED Beam Light Effect
  • Beams or mirror ball effect with TCLs
  • Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 30 W / 75 VA
195 €
Showtec Astro 360
Showtec Astro 360
Showtec Astro 360 brings back the vintage disco effects but with modern state of the art technology and functions. The Astro 360 is equipped with 8 bright 10W LED's (single color) which are individually controllable. To create dynamic areal effects the Astro 360 has continuous...
409 €
785 €
Cameo Wayfarer Derby-Matrix-Effect
Cameo Wayfarer Derby-Matrix-Effect
Derby Matrix Effect
  • Effective Four-Eyes Derby matrix spotlight with 16 x 3W RGBA-LEDs, which can be individually controlled via DMX
  • Strong colours ensure effective light effects
  • Robust metal housing with convection cooling, securing lug and adjustable mounting bracket
139 €
166 €
Eurolite D-25 Hexa Color Beam effect
Eurolite D-25 Hexa Color Beam effect
LED Beam Effect
  • Colour-intensive beam effect with hexacolor LEDs (6-in-1)
  • Equipped with 2 x 18-W-HCL LEDs: red, green, blue, amber, white, UV
  • Sound-controlled via integrated microphone
77 €
Fun Generation LED Diamond Dome RGBWA Bundle
Fun Generation LED Diamond Dome RGBWA Bundle
49 €
Eurolite LED PUS-6 Hybrid Laser Beam
Eurolite LED PUS-6 Hybrid Laser Beam
  • With red and green laser, LED flower effect and white strobe LEDs
  • Convenient remote control via the included IR remote control
  • Laser Class 2M: no decrease or appointment of a laser safety officer required
229 €
Cameo Serum 3-in-1 Effect
Cameo Serum 3-in-1 Effect
LED Derby, Moonflower and Strobe effect
  • Combines three effects in one device
  • The derby effect is generated by 2 x 9W RGB LEDs
  • 16 Red, green, blue and white 5 mm LEDs provide a powerful Moonflower effect
129 €
159 €
Varytec LED Derby ST
Varytec LED Derby ST
LED Derby STThe LED Derby ST by VARYTEC is a 2-in-1-Derby effect for single LED colours. In addition to the 4 x 3-watt RGBW LEDs Derby ST also features 16 white LEDs for strobe applications. In addition to the DMX512 control with either 4 or 1 DMX channels of the compact two kg light LED Derby ST course has automatic and sound-to-light modes and can be used in master / slave configurations.
  • Sound-to-Light: Yes
  • DMX 512: Yes
  • Number DMX channels: 1/4
79 €
Showtec Bumper Flower incl. IR Remote
Showtec Bumper Flower incl. IR Remote
Effect Beam
  • Power consumption: 12 W
  • LED System: 1 W Red, 1 W Green, 1 W Blue
  • Control: IR remote control
38 €
Cameo ARA Derby-Matrix-LED-Effect
Cameo ARA Derby-Matrix-LED-Effect
Flower Effect
  • 3 Watt powerful Quad-LEDs produce lively RGBA-colors, all 24 LEDs can be controlled for a single DMX
  • Stable, convection-cooled metal housing
  • Bright 4-button display for easy operation
149 €
187 €
Eurolite LED Mini D-20 Hybrid Effect
Eurolite LED Mini D-20 Hybrid Effect
Hybrid Beam EffectPowerful LED derby and strobe hybrid in handy format, operable in stand-alone mode or via DMX interface.
  • 4 x 3W RGBW LEDs
  • 16x 0.5W SMD-5730 LEDs in white
  • DMX512 control via any commercially available DMX controller possible
85 €
ADJ Crazy Pocket 8
ADJ Crazy Pocket 8
ADJ Crazy Pocket 8, Moving Head fixture with quick sweeping 8-Zone RGBA LED chase Dual LED Bars, each with 4 lenses, move independently, 3 Operational modes: Sound Active Mode, Show Mode, & DMX Controlled, 4 DMX Channel Modes: 1/9/17/2, Electronic Dimming: 0 - 100%, 540-degree...
241 €
Eurolite KLS-Kombo Pack 2
Eurolite KLS-Kombo Pack 2
Light Set
  • KLS-Kombo Pack 2
  • Combines four LED spotlights and four flower effects
  • The standard light system for every small band
459 €
579 €
ADJ Asteroid 1200 Centereffect
ADJ Asteroid 1200 Centereffect
LED Moving Light
  • Central beam effect with a total of 180 W RGBW LEDs (4-in-1), and infinite pan and tilt rotation
  • Advanced lens optics eliminates RGBW shadows
  • Beam angle of 4 degrees for precise beams of light
1 399 €
Cameo Voodoo 2-in-1 Effect
Cameo Voodoo 2-in-1 Effect
LED Derby and Strobe effect
  • The Derby effect is generated by 20 x 3W RGBA LEDs
  • The strobe flashes with 12 white 1 W LEDs
  • Individual control via the integrated microphone, automatic or in the DMX modes 2-, 4- and 8-channel
159 €
201 €
ADJ XS 200
ADJ XS 200
LED Moving Light
  • Projects thin, sharp beams
  • Single axis moving head, which can be rotated in both directions by 360 degrees
  • Compact and lightweight design for mobile entertainers, small clubs and bars, skate rinks or bowling alleys and mobile productions
119 €
209 €
Eurolite LED MAT-Bar 4x64 RGB DMX
Eurolite LED MAT-Bar 4x64 RGB DMX
Flower effect bar
  • The multi-colored flower beams change their direction of movement with every bass beat in music-controlled mode
  • Music control via built-in microphone
  • Microphone sensitivity adjustable via rotary control,
134 €
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