Adams 2PARFKH26L FS American

Pedal Kettle Drum

  • Size: 26"
  • Revolution Series
  • With hammered copper shell and fine tuner
  • Remo Renaissance Head
  • American position
  • By using a patented tensioning system, the number of tensioning points for the head is reduced from six to three
  • The tension is distributed automatically from the inside, ensuring that the tension remains the same everywhere during the tensioning of the drumhead, which means that the sound quality remains the same.
  • The new, revolutionary height control makes it possible to adjust the timpani including the whole mechanism between 80 and 90 cm in height
  • The solution for young timpanists who would like to have their instrument a bit lower
  • The patented coupling system makes it possible to transport the timpani in any car
  • The frame is completely foldable and therefore easy to transport
Playing position International Playing Position
Size 26"
Fine Tuner Yes
Material Copper
Hammered Shell Yes
Myynnissä vuodesta Kesäkuu 2019
Tuotenumero 452769
Myyntierä 1 kappaletta
2 855 €
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