Yamaha Reface CS


Sintetizador compacto

  • Con motor AN (Modelado físico analógico)
  • 37 teclas Mini-Acción de alta calidad
  • Polifonía de 8 voces (conmutables a monofónicas)
  • 5 tipos de oscilador: Multi Sierra, Pulso, Osc, Sync, Anillo, Modulación de frecuencia
  • 4 efectos (Distorsión, VCM Chorus/Flanger, Phaser VCM, Delay)
  • Looper de frases
  • Fader (sin escalonamientos y rasterizado)
  • Conexiones: 2 salidas de línea TS de 1/4" no balanceadas
  • Entrada auxiliar TRS de 1/8" estéreo
  • Salida de auriculares TRS de 1/8" estéreo
  • USB
  • Entrada para pedal footswitch
  • Entrada/Salida MIDI (mini DIN)
  • Conexión para fuente de alimentación
  • 2 altavoces integrados
  • Fuente de alimentación a través de adaptador o pilas opcionales (no incluidas)
  • Incluye adaptador de fuente de alimentación, cable latiguillo MIDI y manual de usuario
  • Dimensiones: 530 x 60 x 175 mm (ancho x alto x profundo)
  • Peso: 1,9 kg
  • Estuche adecuado (artículo nº496309) no incluido
Disponible desde Septiembre 2015
número de artículo 368212
Precio por 1 Unidad(es)
Número de teclas 37
Sensibilidad dinámica
Aftertouch No
División de teclado No
Rueda de modulación No
Voces de polifonía 8
Motor de sonido Modelado (modeling)
Interfaz MIDI 1x In, 1x Out, USB
Medio de almacenamiento Ninguna
Arpeggiator No
Número de salidas analógicas 1
Salida digital No
Display No
Conexiones de pedal 1
Peso 1,9 kg
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377 €
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Me encanta
Sergi R 05.09.2019
Lo que en principio pensaba que era un juguete bueno, ha resultado ser mucho mas que esto.
Ha sido conectarlo y empezar a experimentar con los sonidos, de forma muy intuitiva. Ademas con sus dos pequeños altavozes integrados permite que con pilas te lo puedas llevar tocar en cualquier sitio.

En contras diré que no tiene la opcion de guardar presets; cuando tienes un sonido que te gusta, tienes que recordar la configuración (supongo que como el original CS de los 70), y que las teclas son pequeñas: pasa un interprete acostumbrado a las medidas de piano se necessita un periodo de adaptación para interpretar pasajes rápidos o voicings.
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Amazing synthesizer!
KindEdward 10.01.2018
I was a bit skeptical in regards torwards buying this synth, however I must admit I was surprised by it's amazing potential. What this synth will give you that other won't is simple:
- Great controls
- Good quality sound
- The 2 speakers are a welcoming addition
- You can create anything because of the freedom of the controls

Considering that there are no presets with this synth (Which can be both a good or a bad thing) I was hoping to be able to store my own presets, which you can, but you need an Apple based product to do so, and since I own a Samsung, I can not store any of my previously made sound combinations, so at time it might be hard for you to remember how exactly you made a specific sound.
However, this synthesizer is not meant for such performances, this synth is intended for you to have maximum creative options and be able to manipulate the sound in any shape or form for your pleasing.
Overall, I highly recomend this synth, considering the price and the quality that you are getting for what you have paid for.
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A monster in the body of a toy
Nikolay_ 16.06.2021
As you might have imagined by the pictures and the price, the keys are plastic and the sound coming out of the reface speakers is simply bad.

One would think that the sound generated from this device is just as toy-like. But they'd be wrong.

For most of us, the crappy keyboard and low quality speakers were never necessary in the first place - but then how would Yamaha attract attention towards yet another module? I guess they tried to be quirky, and frankly, thanks to the mobility of the device, I've started to carry it while travelling just to play it whenever I get bored. And at the end of the day, I'm glad they took the decision to include these cheap peripherals.

While I can't describe sound with words, I would say that this is sitting next to a Moog One and a Prophet, and it's still seeing use. The limited knob space is brilliantly utilised by having one knob do several different things depending on your choice of oscillator, for example.

This cute little gadget would be my recommendation to anyone trying to learn subtractive synthesis quickly. It just fits so much power into such a small package. As for people who already own quite a few synths - it really depends on what synths you already have in your studio, and whether you're a fan of the oldschool Yamaha sound. As for me, this will be sitting on top of my desk for the foreseeable future.
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It doesn't get much better in this price tag
jordirissech 01.05.2021
The Yamaha Reface series is astonishing.
This little synth is very powerful, sounds great and is packed with a lot of interesting features (even though I will list some things I wish Yamaha would have done).

What I like:
- the sound: it sounds great and it feels very organic. You can get a lot of well-known 80s sounds, ranging from big lushful saw waves pads to chunky fm basses.
- it's fun and easy to use: even if you know nothing about synthesis, it is very funny to mess around with the faders and, surprisingly, most of the times you end up with good sounding presets just adjusting faders randomly and listening :D
- it's cheap and practical: let's be honest, it doesn't get much better than this in this price tag. If you're in a studio and you have plugins, there might be cheaper options, but if you play in a band or just want a physical synthesizer, it is a very good option for a budget.
- the app: the Soundmondo app comes in handy to save presets. Also, you can use it live to change sounds fast.
- comes with midi and therefore you can connect it to another synth or keyboard to control it.

What could be better:
- the app is only compatible with browsers and iOS devices, not Android. The browser app is slow and therefore not usable live and the mobile app, while good, is only available in iOS devices.
- only one envelope: the synth has only one envelope and a "mix" fader, that lets you control how much of the envelope affects the volume and how much of it affects the filter.
- you need a midi adapter, sold separately, to use the midi of the keyboard.

All in all, it is a veeeery good synth, at a cheap price. I recommend it a lot, especially if you want to use it live and not use computers which, as we know, fail when you need them the most.
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