Yamaha P-121 BK


Piano de escenario

  • 73 teclas estándar de acción martillo graduadas (GHS)
  • Motor de sonido CF puro con 24 tonos
  • Polifonía máxima de 192 voces
  • Función dual, de división y dúo
  • Grabación de dos pistas (una canción)
  • 20 ritmos (batería + bajo)
  • Control Acústico Inteligente
  • 21 canciones de demostración y 50 canciones para piano
  • Resonancia de amortiguadores, muestras de sustain estéreo, muestras de tecla desactivada y resonancia de cuerdas
  • Efectos de Reverb y Chorus
  • MIDI a través de conexión USB para conexión a un ordenador o a dispositivos iOS o Android
  • Metrónomo incorporado
  • Tempo/Transposición y afinación ajustables
  • 2 altavoces integrados de 7 W
  • Salida de línea jack estéreo de 6,3 mm (L/R)
  • 2 salidas de auriculares estéreo de 6,3 mm
  • Entrada para pedal de sustain
  • Incluye fuente de alimentación y pedal de sustain
  • Color: Negro
  • Dimensiones: 1114 x 295 x 166 mm
  • Peso: 10 kg
  • Aplicación gratuita 'Smart Pianist' para iPhone/iPad descargable (requiere cable de conexión adicional, no incluido)
Disponible desde Octubre 2018
número de artículo 445564
Precio por 1 Unidad(es)
Número de teclas 73
Mecánica de martillos
Voces de polifonía 192
Número de sonidos 24
Número de salidas de auriculares 2
Secuenciador No
Funciones de teclado maestro No
Pitch Bend No
Rueda de modulación No
Número de zonas de Split 1
Función Layer
Interfaz MIDI USB
527 €
Todos los precios incluyen IVA
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En stock

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31 Reseñas

Teclas contrapesadas y ligero
supercalifragiholistico 11.04.2019
teclas contrapesadas, peso ligero, funciones básicas y ritmos, es el unico teclado realmente portatil con teclas contrapesadas .
por poner algo, podría incluir un display para las funciones, en lugar de combinación de teclas que hay que memorizar.
No existe y me gustaria un modelo de 64 teclas (ultraligero y con teclas contrapesadas)
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Long awaited arrival
Jim from Clare. 04.07.2019
This digital piano was long awaited on the market & I`m thrilled.
Very good piece of equipment with local/acoustic sound as good if not better than my old P120. The local sound has a broader depth as the speaker system seems to have been upgraded. (without even using the Bass Boost). However, the feel of the old P120 keyboard was somewhat better in that the weighted keys were a nicer & heavier touch. But how do you shave off approx. 8Kg and maintain original specification??
I love the physical size and associated weight...was tired of the full length 18.5Kg piano in tight spots & far away stages.
The P.A. sound Output (O/P) is the typical good quality from Yamaha.
O/P does not require D.I. box most of the time for P.A.
Love the protected Input (I/P) & O/P jacks and sockets-recessed.
I still hit the plastic edge sometimes looking for the low octave notes missing from the Bass...small compromise.
I`m using the Brilliant KS-120 stand but the new P-121 can slip off easy enough & has happened. I will have to add rubber boots to the underside.
The included pedal is a bit of a joke! Get another one. (dont have part number- sorry).
The SC-KB750 bag will be perfect whenever it arrives several months later!...so Im told by another customer.
Bit difficult to remember commands sequence to modify sounds. Suggest take a pic of instruction sheet on your phone.
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My saviour
TomDD 31.03.2021
I’ve been playing for 3 years. Bought a good piano (Roland HP704) for my living room, but was struggling to find a good instrument for my bedroom and on the road (not giggs, vacations for example). I want to play every day, everywhere. I first looked at a lightweight keyboard and bought it (Roland GO), but there was an enormous gap between my weighted, graded and ivory finished keys and a plastic thing which was easy to carry but, for me, hard to play. Actually, I hated it :)
So after long consideration, I finally found an instrument which I hoped fulfilled my needs and wound bridge the gap. After a week I can say: it does! The absolute positive about this keyboard is the action. It feels much more like a high end keyboard. Of course, everything is plastic, but the feel of the keys is excellent. That comes with a price: the piano itself looks a bit bulky and is quite heavy. You can carry it around, but I don’t think I’ll get it on a train.
Since I’m mainly key action and piano focused, I didn’t look at all the features in depth. And to be honest, it is hard to access all the features intuitively. I would say this is the downside of this piano. If you need a user manual to operate it, it is not user friendly. A small screen to access all features would have been better. Having said that, the piano has enough features. All the basic interfaces and functions are present. There is even a pedal included, but it is really light and feels more like a switch. But it works and it’s kind that they have included one.

So, in short:

- GHS keyboard action is nice!
- sounds good
- portable, but...

- ...a bit bulky
- features need a manual
- pedal not the best
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My First Digital Piano
SnapDrag 29.11.2020
I gotta say that it's a very good piano from the perspective of a beginner piano player myself.
The sound on the piano is very pleasing.
I would not recommend it to someone who wants to play lots of classical music though as it has 73 keys.
Also bear in mind that the piano itself is pretty tall so it wouldn't be on most anyone's desk.
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