Yamaha N-1X Avant Grand


Piano de cola digital clavinova

  • 88 teclas
  • Teclado Specialized Grand Piano Action
  • 15 sonoridades
  • Polifonía de 256 voces
  • Reberb
  • Brilliance
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control
  • Stereophonic Optimizer
  • Binaural Sampling (CFX Grand Voice only)
  • Metrónomo
  • Transposición
  • 10 canciones Preset
  • Grabador interno de 1 pista
  • Entrada y salida Midi
  • 2 salidas de auriculares
  • Entrada auxiliar (minijack estéreo) L/L+R, R
  • Salida auxiliar L/L+R, R
  • USB to Device
  • USB to Host
  • 3 pedales
  • Pedal sordina GP Responsive Damper
  • Cubierta de teclado
  • Sistema de altavoces de 6x 30 W
  • Medidas sin soporte de partituras (An x Pr x Al): 1465 x 1001 x 618 mm
  • Medidas con soporte de partituras (An x Pr x Al): 1465 x 618 x 1167 mm
  • Peso: 117 kg
  • Incluye fuente de alimentación
  • Color: Negro pulido
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Disponible desde Febrero 2019
número de artículo 458613
Precio por 1 Unidad(es)
Color Negro
Acabado Brillante
Nº de teclas 88
Teclas de madera
Simulación de puntos de presión Si
Tapa de teclado Si
Número de sonidos 15
Polifonía 256
Nº de estilos 0
Pantalla Si
Secuenciador Si
Función de aprendizaje No
Audio por Bluetooth Si
MIDI por Bluetooth Si
Función de medio pedal Si
Salidas de audio Si
Entradas de Audio Si
Conexión MIDI IN / OUT
USB a Host Si
USB a dispositivo Si
Potencia de los altavoces 6x 30 W
Medida 1465 x 618 x 1167
Peso 117,0 kg
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7.639 €
IVA incluido. 15 € de gastos de envío adicionales
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Disponible en breve (normalmente 2-5 días)

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3 Reseñas

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Stunning instrument!
Evgeni 23.03.2019
I've had numerous digital pianos from all the major brands for the last 20 years and I've tested almost all digital pianos I could get my hands on. I've learned on an upright piano as a kid and I've also played many grand pianos. I play mostly classical music, romantic repertoire being my favorite. With all that in mind the N1X is simply the closest thing to a real grand (along with its bigger brother N3X and probably the Kawai Novus NV10 which I haven't tested). It's miles ahead of any of the regular digital pianos including high end Clavinova pianos, Kawai CA-series with wooden action, etc. The difference is striking both from touch perspective and sound. I've never been so happy with a digital piano! The CFX and Bösendorfer patches sound great through the multichannel speaker system and I'm easily fooled into thinking I'm sitting behind a real grand since the sound is projecting from the entire body. The bass is tight and controlled, clean and distinctive, it's not the boomy mess you get from other digital pianos. The VRM resonance modeling is a pure joy too. And of course the real grand piano action! All that makes for an uncompromising piano experience. The CFX binaural patch is stunning through headphones and I often have to remove the headphones to make sure the sound is indeed coming from the headphones and not from the speakers, so real and three-dimensional it is! The only complaint I have is that the other piano voices while great through speakers, are slightly thin through headphones. But the CFX binaural makes up for that. Harpsichord is the best one I've heard and that's a nice bonus. I would have preferred if the button panel was hidden so that the piano looks like a real piano but even now it's still very unobtrusive and the display turns off after a few seconds so it's not a big deal.

I took one star off "features" because some functions require button and key combinations and the display is too outdated. On the other hand, it's an acoustic piano replacement, not a synth workstation, so it's meant to be played, not tweaked. But a better interface could have been better. Another reason for the 4 stars is there's no embedded Wi-Fi and one needs to purchase a separate dongle from Yamaha in order to use the iPhone app.

I can't find enough words to praise the N1X. It's probably one of the most successful product choices I've ever made. Highly recommended piano.
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New piano
Gustafsson 29.02.2020
It was interesting to learn about a hybrid piano - having the same mechanism for playing like a normal grand piano but an electronic end.
It feels like a real piano but the volume can be adjusted and even headphones can be used. Quality seems to be very good and it is always in tune!
Only future will tell how durable it will be, but we hope for the best.
We can only give this product high recommendations.
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Absolut das beste E-Piano, was man derzeit bekommen kann
Klaviakko 28.05.2022
Ich , studierter Musiklehrer, habe mir dieses E-Piano für mein Büro gekauft. Ich liebe es. Rein mechanisch steht dieses Digital-Piano akustischen Flügeln in nichts nach, lediglich der Tastenhub ist minimal leichter. Auch klanglich überzeugt dieses Piano in jeder Hinsicht. Alle Samples - und damit meine ich nicht nur die Haupt-Samples klingen fantastisch - ich variiere gern. Der größte Vorteil dieses Instrumentes besteht wohl darin, dass es nie gestimmt werden muss, sehr platzsparend ist und in alle Richtungen digital kompatibel: es ist anschließbar an einen Computer für DAW- und sonstigen Aufnahmen. Midi-Ein- und Ausgänge sind ebenso vorhanden wie ein USB-Slot für Aufnahmen auf einem Stick. Überhaupt würde ich behaupten, dass dieses Piano die beste derzeit bestehende Alternative für ein akustisches Instrument ist, obgleich ehrlicherweise immer dazu gesagt wird, dass es ein akustisches Instrument nicht zu hundert Prozent ersetzt.
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