Ekustik Woody Queen Absorber Creme


Panel de absorción acústica

  • Para optimizar el sonido espacial en estudios de grabación, home cinemas o espacios comerciales
  • Alta eficiencia: Aprox. 50% de absorción a 120 Hz y absorción total por encima de 250 Hz
  • Material de relleno: Textil acústico reciclado Envizol TB OH50
  • Material de la estructura: Madera texturizada con aspecto quemado - cada pieza es única
  • Dimensiones: 1200 x 600 x 100 mm
  • Fabricado a mano en la República Checa
  • Color: Crema
Disponible desde Mayo 2020
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Color Crema
222 €
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Disponible en aprox. una semana

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A nice surprise!
Nic Stride 15.01.2022
I have a tall window behind my mix position, which is a disaster for flutter echoes and whatnot.

Most of the panels in this price range (And, honestly, significantly higher price ranges.) tend to be made of ridiculously flammable materials, and tend to be little more than foam or polystyrene (seriously, look into it, a lot of diffusor panels which cost 4x as much as this one are made of polystyrene) which tends to be useless as actual acoustic treatment.

I wanted a diffusor panel to break up the flutters from the window, but this seemed like the best price/performance bang for buck, whilst also not potentially burning my house down if it gets mildly warm in here one day. Now, when I clap in my mix position, I don't hear any real slapback, let alone fluttering out of tune secondary smeary BS in the decay of the transient. Perfect!

The fit and finish is actually quite a bit better than the pictures on Thomann would suggest, although it doesn't have the hanging tabs as shown. Instead it has some triangular metal brackets that I'm sure could be used for mounting (Somehow...) - I personally am not that interested in mounting it, so I haven't thought about it further.

The back of the panel is actually covered in a nice black fabric (rather than the white shown, looks a lot classier, less like toilet paper) and the frame on mine is a lot darker and more charred than what's shown. Once again, a very cool look. I also like the little metal 'Ekustik' branding tag on the top left (It's smaller than my thumbnail, so not gaudy, a nice touch, though!)

I'd say this panel has done more to deaden my room and improve the sound than the 4 'Hofa Absorber Eco Creme' panels I used to cover my left and right reflection points. They definitely are good, and worked, but with this panel, it's really extremely noticeable.

I doubt how much 'bass trapping' relatively thin panels like this can actually do, regardless of the graphs, but, honestly, the bass sounds better and tighter in this room now that I've put this panel behind me.

One thing I'd advise customers to be weary/cognisant of, is that the wood frame on this panel isn't finished in a sealant, so pieces can splinter off (Possibly into your skin) when picking it up and moving it around. I don't think this is an issue if you're aware, but it's something to take into account for sure.

I'd definitely recommend this product, and would (and might, if I get a bigger room) buy it again. :)
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Super Hochwertig und Optisch ein Hingucker!
Soundcamp 23.06.2021
Zugegeben ist der Absorber nicht der günstigste im Segment - allerdings ist die Verarbeitung Superedel und die Optik wirklich Klasse. Diese Absorber könnte man auch ohne Probleme im Wohnbereich einsetzen. Spitzenmäßig. Hol ich mir auf jeden Fall weitere von!
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