Vox AC15HW1X

Amplificador de guitarra a válvulas

  • Cableado a mano
  • 15 W RMS a 8/16 Ohm
  • Altavoz 1 x 12" Alnico Blue (16 Ohm)
  • Válvulas 3 x ECC83/12AX7 en previo, 2 x EL84 en etapa
  • Válvula EZ81 Rectifier
  • 4 entradas: cada "High" y "Low" en canal "Normal" y "Top Boost"
  • Salida para altavoz y pantalla externa
  • Medidas: 610 x 550 x 260 mm
  • Peso: 22,8 kg
  • Incluye pedal VFS1 y funda
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Muestras de sonido

  • Blues
  • Country
  • Funk
  • Rock

Más información

Potencia 15 W
Configuración del Altavoz 1x 12"
Válvulas EL84
Canales 2
Hall No
Bucle de efectos externo No
Salida de grabación No
Interfaz MIDI No
Conexión para altavoz externo
Conexión para auriculares No
Conector de pedal
Incluye pedal interruptor (footswitch)
Peso 22,8 kg

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Great amp
Raelus, 21.08.2017
I bought this for recording primarily, though I've used it once at a gig so far. Though its loud despite its 15W, its not quite loud and clean enough for me for rock gigs with heavy hitting drummers, even with the master bypassed, but with some additional level from the monitors it did the job well. Its sounds phenomenal whatever I throw at it for recording. The master volume knob comes into its own there where you can turn down a bit as needed. I find I prefer the standard channel to the top boost - this amp sounds best at moderate crunch, with pedals for extra grit. It really works well with any pedals in front of it - I find its naturally compressing characteristics to be very flattering whatever you put into it. I've tried a few different guitars into it and they all sounds great. Generally the bright switch being bypassed sounds best to me as the amp and speaker together has plenty of cut - the exception was when I tried with a Yamaha with p90s which benefitted from a bit more cut from the bright switch. If you try and push the top boost channel with the "hot" switch to make super high gain sounds it just sounds a bit nasty in a bad way to me. It has a great frequency range, especially bottom end, helped by the large cabinet size. Whenever I've recorded in other studios I tend to gravitate towards old Vox amps, and for this is the closest thing I've found that can be bought new. I like that it can be repaired easily being hand wired too. I thoroughly recommend this amp.
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Beautiful Amp
One of the nicest amps I've ever played, and I've played a lot of amps.

Unfortunately the first one died within 30 minutes of switching it on but Thomann's service was really excellent. This was just before christmas and they managed to get it picked up and a new one delivered in time for christmas day. I don't know how!

Anyway, the 2nd one had faulty valves, which is a manufacturer's issue not Thomann's, so rather than have to send the amp back to germany, I called Vox UK but they were not interested in helping at all. In fact Vox UK's service was the poorest I think I've experienced in years. Just awful...

So I did have to call Thomann again, and again they were just brilliant, they sent me 2 new valves straight out, since when the amp has been everything it should be.

This is not just another AC15. The hand wiring inside is a thing of beauty from a bygone era. I don't know if it affects the sound at all but the valve rectifier certainly does, giving a creamier breakup than the solid-state rectifiers of the CC and other cheaper AC models.

The alnico blue bulldog inside is a lovely speaker. People argue about whether to fit the greenback or the blue. Personally I don't think there is a question with this amp. Blue is best.

The sound is simply awesome. Playing without the master volume will coax the best out of this amp. The normal channel has tons of the most gorgeous clean tone - which is a warmer sound than the fender clean tone (fenders have a more prominent midrange clean in my opinion). Seems everyone describes the sound as 'chimey' but I don't really know what that means. This thing doesn't sound at all like a bell, it sounds slightly mid-scooped which I think is simply that this amp voices the bass and treble more strongly, rather than that the midrange is actually cut. For any clean style the tone is approaching perfection, I don't play jazz but this amp certainly could.

The tone controls are very basic indeed, with a simple treble and bass passive on the top boost channel. There is a global tone cut that reduces the treble on both channels but I play it with the tone cut circuit almost wholly off. I play with a strat and a Kingpin 5th Avenue, and neither of them sound too bright.

At high volumes the normal channel breaks up with a mammoth crunch. Did I say that this amp is really loud? It is REALLY LOUD!!! But you can switch it to 7.5 watt mode. which you'd think is quiet but which is also REALLY LOUD!!! and breaks up faster than 15W mode.

The top boost channel has loads of character and presence, and gain. The Hot mode on this channel is extremely hot. I don't actually use the Hot switch as I have a mesa boogie roadster for that sort of thing and I'm interested in this amp for more for blues and clean sounds, and recording.

This amp has studio volume written all over it. It can be as quiet as you like but you're unlikely to need anything louder for recording. In fact my roadster is too loud for the studio, which is why I bought this. My only gripe is that this amp has a fairly loud circuit buzz at high volume, which could be annoying when recording. The buzz isn't a problem at my normal recording level though.

All in all, this is a truly wonderful amp. It is also a piece of history and exudes quality and class in every way.

The AC15HWX is a heavy amp, which is why I've given 4 stars for handling. Seems to be my fate to always have heavy amps...
Features 5 stars because I prefer basic features done brilliantly (which is what this amp does) than complex features that I won't use much.
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