Vandoren VK Bb-Clarinet 45


Caña para Clarinete en Sib (Sistema Boehm)

  • Fuerza: 3.0 media
  • Material: Plástico
  • Mismo comportamiento acústico que las cañas naturales
  • Completamente reciclable
  • Resistente a la humedad y lavable
  • No se deforma al secar
  • Resistencia, sonido, articulación, proyección y alta estabilidad tonal fiables gracias a su elevada durabilidad
  • Hipoalergénica
Disponible desde Noviembre 2023
número de artículo 577806
Precio por 1 Unidad(es)
Material Plástico
Resistencia 3,0
38 €
IVA incluido. 15 € de gastos de envío adicionales
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The reed I have been wait to be made for years, decades...
Aquaman 16.05.2024
I have been trying synth reeds since I was a student of Clarinet - many decades, almost 50 years ago. Every reed that was launched when played was a disappointment. They could not even begin to compare to a real cane reed. Along came the Vandoren VK1 Synth Bb Clarinet Reed. I read about it for a while before I was able to buy them. Being A European Company 'Vandoren'... I was perplexed (annoyed) the reed was available in the states ages before they were available in EU!
We should have had these Synth Reeds FIRST!
I played the reeds and knew I would never play cane again. No soaking, no keeping moist, no breaking it in. It is ready to play immediately.
I have the 40, 45, and 50. Why? Different sheet music for me is easier to play with a softer and others with a harder reed. But in general, the 45 for me is my primary reed strength for all around playing most music. Yes I have a couple of each because although the reed is Synth and highly durable, there is always the potential to drop on floor or have someone have something catch/snag the mouthpiece when moving about. As these are still relatively New, I will obtain more when I have played on the ones I have for a while so I can compare if and or how long the VK1 Half Life playing time.
I recommend the VK1 to everyone I know who plays clarinet.
I am also an Oboe player and would very much like Vandoren t make a VK1 quality level of double reed for Oboe (and other instruments).
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