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Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. M+ Speaker Sim

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  • Bluespicking - Modern Heavy
  • Bluesrock - Punchy Tones
  • Crossover - Royale Brit
  • Doom - Heavy 80s
  • Fuzzline - Royale Brit
  • Hazey - Lush Blues
  • Metal - Edgy Rhythm
  • Mosh - Classic Rock
  • Progressive - Royale Brit
  • Rock - Lush Blues
  • Thrash - Warm Lush Tone
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Effects Pedal

Use your favourite pedals and reproduce their interaction with an amplifier and cabinet or connect the speaker output of your amplifier to the Torpedo CAB M input and the speaker output of the CAB M to your cab for a flexible DI out directly in a PA or audio interface consistent with every show, studio session or rehearsal without the hassle of microphones and cables.

  • Speaker simulation
  • 32 Two Notes virtual cabinets
  • 8 Microphone, 8 power amplifier, and 8 room simulations are already preinstalled
  • The Torpedo Remote software gives you access to all parameters, including loading and saving presets
  • Load new IRs and update firmware from mobile device or computer
  • Controls: Parameter / Preset, Value / Volume
  • Push buttons: Ground Lift
  • Switch: Input level
  • OLED display
  • Mains adapter connection (barrel connector 5.5 x 2.1 mm, negative polarity inside)
  • Current consumption: 300 mA
  • Power supply via 12 V DC power adapter (included)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 96 x 121 x 63 mm
  • Weight: 450 g


No battery operation possible.


  • Amp / Instrument / Line input: 6.3 mm jack
  • Line output: 6.3 mm jack
  • DI output: XLR
  • Speaker output: 6.3 mm jack
Tipo de efectos Speaker Simulation
número de artículo 458565
279 €
Sin gastos de envío e incluyendo IVA.
Disponible dentro de 4-5 semanas
Disponible dentro de 4-5 semanas

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caramelos_sugus 25.10.2020
Justo lo que estaba buscando para poder grabar con mi amplificador y buscarle un sonido más a disco para grabaciones.
Han sacado una acualización y le han incorporado un previo en limpio para que se adapte a la perfeccion con nuestros pedales y el resultado es excelente. Ahora, además de usarlo con mi amplificador, puedo llevarme la pedalera y salir directo a linea sinnecesidad de cargar el ampli.
Yo era usuario de HElix y decidí volver al mundo de las válvulas pero con el añadido de poder conectar el ampli al ordenador, grabarme y tocar en casa a volumen razonable através de monitores.
Ahora tengo lo mejor del mundo de las IR y las válvulas con un ampli real.
Es un cacharrito que todo el mundo debería tener. ¡Ah! y en escenario puedes salir directo a linea con tu ampli mientras te escuchas a la vez en escenario con él, así te aseguras de sacar un buen sonido por PA sin perder el punch de las pantallas reales detrás tuya.
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Reportar evaluación

Mi nº1 en un home studio
Buccadhu 09.10.2019
Igual se me llena mucho la boca diciendo que seria el nº1 en un "home studio", pero si puedo decir que es un equipo que creo que es el 101 para empezar a grabar y probar cosas.
Wall of sound ... me parece una gran herramienta y de fácil uso
Sencillo de manejar, gracias al software pero también con el menu no es difícil de manejar.
Mucha versatilidad, poder combinar dos micrófonos, asi como poder usarlo conectando una pedalera de efecto, como conectar un amplificador directamente, te da muchas opciones de uso.
Ligero y robusto, te lo puedes llevar donde sea.
Al final el sonido es algo digital como suele pasar en todos los equipos que realizan una simulación.

Claramente no es como grabar en un estudio con un amplificador, pantalla y micrófonos, pero creo que es una herramienta esencial para poder grabar cosas de cierta calidad en cualquier sitio, asi como para poder grabar reviews u otros tipos de grabación no profesional
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Reportar evaluación

daremmusic 23.03.2020
es demasiado lo que ofrece torpedo cab m. sin duda alguna es un elemento a tener en nuestras pedalboards
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Reportar evaluación

google translate gb
Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
A “leave your amp at home” pedal!
Jack85 31.08.2019
Let’s get one thing straight: I love tube amps. I have owned almost a dozen in the past years and currently own three of them. For what it’s worth, I even built two of them myself. Nothing really compares to this truly integral experience of playing straight into a cranked tube amp. Once you try that, everything else sounds and feels like a toy.

There are however, a few drawbacks to this experience. Even with a 15W 1x12 amp, you will be asked by the sound engineer to turn your amp down well before it hits “that” spot and you will have a hard time carrying it around because it weighs a ton.

Now, I have been flirting with digital for a while, but every blind date turned out to be a big fat flop. If it was not because of the crappy sound, it was because of the million buttons and a million ways to tweak your sound. And coming from a tube amp where you get a perfect sound just by twisting a few knobs, you can understand how annoying it is to spend hours of tweaking without hitting “that” sound. After seeing the Torpedo CAB M reviews on YT, I was intrigued because it sounded convincingly, could fit on a small pedalboard and was priced reasonably. I read a bit about it and decided to try an “ampless” solution with just a preamp for which I decided for Tech 21 Hot Rod Plexi due to convincing palette of sounds and the fact that the battery lasts forever.

In a classic Thomann fashion, package arrived within a few days and I must admit that I have not been so excited for a piece of gear for a while now. After putting everything together and trying it out with headphones, the sounds I was getting were convincing but I felt there was more to the gear and that I could get even better sounds out of it. After spending some time with tweaking the poweramp parameters, signal levels and microphone positions, I was already miles ahead of where I was the first day. If you consider buying this, take into account that there is a learning curve (though not a crazy one) and you will need to spend some time tweaking the CAB.

After setting everything up, it was time for a first real life trial run - the rehearsal. This was the first rehearsal where my sound was as good as when playing with a tube amp (I would dare to say, even better!), where the guitar was sitting in the mix exactly where it should, and all that without excessive volume and noise.

One of the best features of CAB M is the fact that I can tweak my sound at home (and practice through headphones) and then just take that exact sound to a gig and plug straight in. If your rockstar ego will allow you to play without a half stack, of course ;)

Still have not tried it as a cabinet simulator between an amp and a cab, so I cannot comment on that...

Convincing sound and feel
Small footprint
Simple, yet comprehensive and effective settings
A lot of virtual Cabinet options
External IR loading
Aux in
Intuitive interface (both on device & computer)

Could be better:
No separate headphone volume control - preset and master volume can control it but can lead to clipping before you get to the volume you want
Headphone jack - would be nicer if they used a big plug
Device knobs can sometimes be imprecise
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