the t.mix MicroMix 1 USB


Micromezclador de 2 canales

  • 2 canales mono con combo XLR/6,3 mm (micro/línea)
  • Incluye alimentación phantom de +18V
  • 1 salida RCA estéreo
  • Salida de auriculares con jack de 3,5 mm
  • Entrada de micrófono jack de 3,5 mm
  • Ecualizador de 2 bandas/ canal
  • Controles de agudos, graves y panorama
  • Control de ganancia y pico
  • Interface de audio USB
  • Alimentado por USB y Host
  • Respuesta en frecuencia: 20 Hz - 22 kHz
  • Relación señal/ruido: 80 dB
  • Dimensiones: 100 x 45 x 135 mm
  • Peso: 430 g
Canales en uso simultaneamente 2
Entradas de Micrófono 2
Nº de entradas Mono de Linea 2
Entradas Stereo 0
Entradas Hi-Z 1
Alimentación Phantom 18V
Salida Master RCA
Nº de canales auxiliares 0
Nº máximo de canales Pre-Aux 0
Conector USB USB-B
Entradas de Interfaz de Audio 2
Salidas de Interfaz de Audio 2
Grabación Multipista No
Grabación a USB / SD No
Rec Out (Analogico) No
Filtro paso alto No
Insert No
Salidas directas No
EQ Parametrico No
Compresor No
Pan Si
Procesador de Efectos 0
Reproductor USB No
Reproductor Bluetooth No
Conector para lámpara No
Conmutador No
Mezclador de Matriz No
Bolsa (nº de artículo) No
Zonas 0
Montaje en Rack 19" No
Alimentación a 110V No
Disponible desde Julio 2018
número de artículo 424895
Ancho en mm 135 mm
Ancho (mm) 135 mm
Profundidad en mm 100 mm
Profundidad (mm) 100 mm
Alto (mm) 45 mm
Altura (mm) 45 mm
Peso (kg) 0,5 kg
Peso en Kg 0,5 kg
Nº de canales en paralelo 2
Entradas de micrófono 2
Entradas de Linea Mono 2
Nº de entradas stereo 0
Nº de entradas Hi-Z 1
Alimentacion Phantom 18V
Conectores Master RCA
Canales Auxiliares 0
Nº de Pre Aux 0
Interfaz de Audio USB-B
Entradas de Interfaz 2
Salidas de Interfaz 2
Procesadores de Efectos 0
Lector USB No
Conector para Lampara No
Foot Switch No
Montaje en Rack No
Montaje en Rack (nº de artículo) No
Montaje en Rack (Nº de Artículo) No
Estuche Thomann No
Estuche Thon No
Bolsa No
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como entrada al pc
Lanchares 25.05.2020
yo lo utilizo como conexión de mi bajo al pc.
cumple una doble funcion como mesa de sonido y tarjeta, se conecta facil al pc y no encuentro latencia, sonido claro y una calidad suficiente para grabacion y estudio.
tiene un pequeño ruido de base que no resulta molesto, se soluciona facil.
una buena alternativa a las tarjetas de sonido
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
No phantom power on microphone minijack
jedd 14.01.2019
I ordered both the MicroMix 1 and MicroMix 2 as replacements for the legendary Behringer Xenyx 302 USB which I used to love mostly for its size and routing options, but has been discontinued.

This is obviously targeted at the same audience and I suspect there was a certain amount of plagiarism when it comes to design and possibly routing schematics. But yeah, that's cool with me.

One major selling point for the 302USB was the fact you could plug a average consumer-grade headset (like your standard gaming gear) into it and use the 3,5mm microphone in.

This is however not possible on either the MicroMix 1 or 2 as the circuit board does not feed phantom power to this port (well, on the MicroMix 1 it does but only for a few seconds after pressing "phantom"). This makes the 3,5mm mic jack only usable with active or pre-amplified microphones, and it kind of defeats the point of having this unit to be honest. I thought this was a fault on my units but Thomann customer service confirmed this was working as intended.

I should add that the preamps are very noisy, but that was to be expected considering the price. Maybe a FetHead can help you regarding this point, but if you're looking for a quality signal you're probably better off looking at other more expensive (but still small) interfaces.

Unit build is metal, solid, knobs are well tightened. The kind of gear you can just stash in the bag with no protection and expect to work for a couple of years.
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
very surprised.
Peter R. 438 27.11.2020
This little mixer has superb pre amps and the guitar switch, an amaing addition and completely capable of flattering even high output pickups.
The tiny sliders work perfect (for me),.
The USB power supply works so well with my Box MBA1 usb output socket, making me completely mobile, battery powered for 4 hours (plenty for my repertoire).
I wont use this for recording as I only do "bar gigs". Of course I have much bigger named mixers of similar capabilities, but this little mixer certainly, easily holds its ground against the bigger names at twice, or 3 times the price. Again, I have to mention chanel 2 with that super electric guitar button, works a treat, as an electric guitar preamp costs big bucks.
All told, I am truly surprised at the "ability" of this little mixer for little money.
Thomann make some quality equip for sensible money. This little mixer excells by its pressence.
My mackie 402 vlz4 mixer is gonna have a rest while I keep using this micromix 1 usb its size is superb, its ability is beyond my expectations, the usb power supply fits right in with my sound system. Great move Thomann. Thanks.
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Great flexibility & value for money!
THSIM 20.10.2020
I have used this USB mixer to input sound from external sources into on-line meetings (Zoom / Skype / WebEx) - works as expected and with great results.
I have added it to my Mac and switched to the mixer as sound input, and it sends everything in to my on-line calls perfectly :-)
Remember to add a microphone to the set-up, so that you can mix your voice with whatever else you play (instruments or music from a phone or tablet), since you can't use both the built-in mic in the PC and the Mixer as sound inputs at the same time (at least I haven't figured out how).
Some buttons (like the EQ) are a bit small and "flimsy" but work well anyway - it's great just to have EQ at this price range...
I really like that you can use both mini jack (for headset / mic) as well as regular jack (for my Epiphone guitar) and XLR (for my Shure SM58 microphone)!
Very flexible solution - great fun!!
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