Tannoy Gold 7

Monitor de estudio activo de campo cercano

  • Driver coaxial concéntrico doble de 6,5"
  • Tweeter de titanio de 1" con guía de ondas 'Tulip Waveguide'
  • Biamplificación de Clase AB de 300 W
  • Sistema Bass Reflex
  • Respuesta en frecuencia: 65 Hz - 20 kHz
  • SPL máx.: 110 dB
  • Controles ubicados en la parte frontal para nivel de tweeter y volumen
  • Ajuste del nivel de graves en la parte posterior
  • Entrada auxiliar TRS de 1/8" estéreo para Smartphone o Tablet
  • Entradas de línea balanceadas (XLR y TRS de 6,3 mm)
  • Dimensiones: 357 x 221 x 288 mm (alto x ancho x profundo)
  • Peso: 9,4 kg

Más información

Potencia del amplificador por unidad (RMS) 300 W
Protección magnética No
Entrada analógica XLR
Entrada analógica Jack
Entrada analógica Minijack
Entrada analógica RCA No
Entrada digital No
Corrección de frecuencia manual
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4.7 /5
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  • Fabricación
Excs, 27.03.2020
No soy productor de música, pero me gusta escucharla en la mejor calidad posible. Hace unos meses vi un video de Francisco del Pozo en youtube. En donde destaca la calidad de sonido de los altavoces activos sobre los pasivos. Me dije vamos a comprobarlo y me puse ahorrar. Investigue demasiado y me decidí por un par de Tannoy gold 7, suenan impresionantes. Mucho mejor que la pasivas que tengo (sony, pioneer, monitor audio). Más claridad, separación de instrumentos, más graves. Manejan muy bien todo lo que le pongo: clásica, jazz, rock, blues, electrónica. Ese Francisco del Pozo decía la verdad, los altavoces activos suenan mejor que los pasivos.
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Super but not for beginners like me
Tensai, 20.08.2020
I am an audiophile a cheap audiophile :) at least I regard myself as one I only have sensitive ears and enjoy others good work.

have been using JBL LSR 305 for quite some time thus decided it's time to upgrade so I ordered one Tannoy Gold 7 speaker to be followed by a 2nd one to make a pair, my source is a P.C Sound card upgraded with Sparkos Labs Class A reference Op-amps, I had my doubts after ordering regarding the bass extension so tried to withdraw the order while it was being shipped to me but Thomman team informed they cannot cancel the order before I receive it, so I received it and after 3 days of light use the speaker opened up and its true nature emerged.
Yes they are somewhat bass shy but OH my God what an Astonishing sound .
I though I bought a 2000 dollar a pair speakers , the level of detail at this price point is just unheard I can describe it almost life or live sounding like it takes you to where the sound is recorded no kidding so coherent and has no apparent borders for the projected sound, its so natural after hearing this quality JBL 305 sounds low resolution also blurry unfocused not because JBL 305 is bad no its really good and I like it but the Gold just sounds two levels above maybe only focal alpha could compete with it for money value I hate and love the Tannoy for this.

Pros & Cons
+ Large sound especially Vertical & good Horizontal.
+Natural sounding and open.
+Very detailed revealing sound ( got to thank the Coax design for this not much loss of HF info ).
+Coherent sound ( even sound dispersion again because of Coax design)
+Very Neutral and Flat.
+ very good separation of instruments.
+Accurate fast controlled bass.
+++ The looks its just fancy for a studio monitor .

_ High Hiss level if used in close range more than the JBLS its not constant it increases with volume.
-Treble is very detailed but lacks smoothness but at this price level its difficult to ask for that.
-Overpowered speakers.( a plus to some for sure if the have bigger rooms but in my small room 300 watts for a 6 inch speaker is just so much it's hard to balance volume).
-Cheap included Aux Cable ( its a nice gesture from Tannoy to include one and I am nitpicking but it is of low quality don't count on it, this monitor NEEDS good cables if you don't provide it will punish you.
-No Input sensitivity switch.( this limits their use not everybody use Balanced cables).
-NO RCA or Jack unbalanced inputs.
-somewhat bright but after HF -2db it becomes alright
_Thin bass I expected more from a 6 inch speaker but this is below par, and I blame the sharp roll-off at 100 Hz for that ,why did Tannoy decide this is beyond me.

I give this monitor a Solid 5 star rating even though I have enough complaints about it because of the sound quality at this low price what a bargain too bad it is not compatible with my setup and room so with great regret I am returning it,got to buy another 5 inch pair and a subwoofer .
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