Mezclador de estudio analógico

  • 6 canales
  • Perfecto para configuraciones de grabación profesionales más pequeñas, podcasts y postproducción
  • 2 canales de grabación con 2 preamplificadores de micrófono SuperAnalogueTM (ganancia de 66 dB)
  • Filtro paso alto de 75 Hz
  • Entrada de nivel de línea separada que también se puede utilizar como entrada de instrumento
  • Compresor con un knob - Basado en el compresor de canal Classic SSL
  • Ecualizador de 2 bandas (conmutable a curva 'shelf' o 'campana')
  • Entrada ALT, inserción y 2 rutas de pre-escucha estéreo
  • 2 canales estéreo, cada uno con dos rutas de pre-escucha estéreo
  • Fader de 100 mm
  • Se pueden utilizar hasta 12 canales para sumar
  • Compresor de bus de la serie G con ataque, release y ratio fijos
  • Sección de monitorización profesional
  • Funda opcional disponible (artículo nº513998) no incluida
Disponible desde Marzo 2019
número de artículo 461406
Precio por 1 Unidad(es)
Canales en uso simultaneamente 12
Entradas de Micrófono 2
Nº de entradas Mono de Linea 2
Entradas Stereo 2
Entradas Hi-Z 2
Alimentación Phantom 48V
Salida Master XLR
Nº de canales auxiliares 2
Nº máximo de canales Pre-Aux 2
Conector USB No
Entradas de Interfaz de Audio 0
Salidas de Interfaz de Audio 0
Grabación Multipista No
Grabación a USB / SD No
Rec Out (Analogico) No
Filtro paso alto Si
Insert Si
Salidas directas No
EQ Parametrico No
Compresor Si
Pan Si
Procesador de Efectos 0
Reproductor USB No
Reproductor Bluetooth No
Conector para lámpara No
Conmutador No
Bolsa (nº de artículo) 512496
Mezclador de Matriz No
Zonas 0
Montaje en rack Opcional
Ancho (mm) 270 mm
Profundidad (mm) 310 mm
Alto (mm) 120 mm
Peso (kg) 3,5 kg
Montaje en Rack (nº de artículo) 475396
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1.139 €
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En stock

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42 Reseñas

Recomendable al 100%
GSigwald 19.06.2020
Excelente calidad de sonido, cumple con los niveles profesionales
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Superb !
Mr. Nelson 13.02.2020
I learn much easier by having a hand on approach to music production, and the SSL SIX has helped me progress so quickly.

It is a very versatile table which forces you to be creative in finding the best ways to route your output gear to achieve your goal. Some might find this cumbersome and complicated, but reading the manual over and over again can quickly make you an expert on the machine.

The 2 Super Analog preamps are amazing to have and the fact that you can insert outboard gear (pres, compression, equalizers, fx etc) on the channels allows for great versatility.

The onboard eq and compression also allows for tone shaping abilities; the effects of which are clearly audible when engaged. Having them at you fingertips has reduced my fear of baking in character elements which cannot be changed in the post production stage.

I work with the G-series bus compressor always engaged when producing, which helps me achieve a more coherent finish to my work.

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to have such a table at home. I remember when I used to pay $100 and up for 1hour studio sessions in order to have access to such material and expertise.

Today I can provide my own expertise from experience, and get the sound that I have been used to; while sitting at home.

I don't know anything else on the market like this at this price point and would recommend it to anyone who wants to step into the SSL world of sound.
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SSL means SSL
Juno101 17.05.2021
I tried several of non-SSL analog mixers before purchasing a SSL SiX. And I am very happy that my journey for searching for mixers, which went on for years, ends with this SSL SiX.

1. Sound : Incredible. Preamp sounds super clean and deep. EQ is very easy to operate and sounds and behaves like SSL EQ, and both channel Comp and Bus Comp sound very good. I used to own a G-series Bus Comp, and I can tell this sounds like it. I never imagined that a small mixer could have this sound...Also this mixer has the lowest amount of noises.

2. Routing : This mixer has so many routing possibilities and this can be used as 11-track mixer, out of box. (you need D-Sub connection in order to access last 2 inputs)

3. Build Quality : Designed in UK, Made in China. :) But all the components seem very high quality. Faders feel amazing. Knobs are tight. Switches are all working well and they do not make "pop noises" when switching.

What could have been nicer.
1. Inserts on Stereo channels
2. Built-in USB interface (imagine...)
3. Phase Invert on Channel 1 and 2
4. Mid-Side option
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Little Monster
alexbrunori 16.10.2021
In short: it's a killer.

This SSL SiX is a natural born deceiver! One may be tempted, looking at it, to think it is limited and pricey, while it's actually quite the opposite: for the sound quality it gives you and the many, well thought of, configurations it offers you, the price may be even less than what it should! Couple it with a great sounding A/D interface and whatever you will send through the Six will end up being recorded with the same sound quality that the big SSL desks are known the world over for. The summing mixer option with a decent amount of channels to mix is just a joy and the simplified compressor is easy to use and will give your mix (or recording) THAT sound. A no brainer.
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