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Micrófono de mano dinámico

  • Adecuado para voces, amplificadores de guitarra, baterías, percusión, etc.
  • Patrón polar: Supercardioide
  • Respuesta en frecuencia: 50Hz - 15kHz
  • Sensibilidad: 3,1mV/Pa (-50dB)
  • Impedancia: 600 Ohmios
  • Carcasa negra
  • Incluye pinza para micrófono, adaptador de rosca y funda con cremallera
  • Dimensiones: 190 x 47 x 47mm
  • Peso: 792g
Interruptor On/Off No
Características Supercardioide
número de artículo 434848
109 €
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Disponibilidad inmediata

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cataljazz 16.03.2020
Inmejorable en cuanto a calidad precio se refiere.
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Used for live punk rock vocals
aftino 04.03.2019
I'm the lead vocalist for a punk rock band and I was in dire need of a mic that has a clearer, more rounded-off & warmer sound, better ambient rejection, more feedback resistance and more robust build quality and aesthetics than the omnipresent 58. I also specifically was looking for a wired mic, since I was always under the impression that my wireless 58 kit was lacking some growl.

Upon opening the box and holding the mic for the first time, it's apparent that it's really built like an armored vehicle - even more so than the Shure. It's milled from a solid piece of anodized metal, and is heavy - but reassuringly so, and not in an inconvenient manner. It's also very stubby and short, and all black, with laser-etched branding. It's a lovely object to hold and to behold.

Sound-wise, it's very nuanced for a dynamic mic, clear in the highs but with very little-to-none need for deliberate de-essing. The marketing hype says it doesn't really need any EQ-ing, but plugged straight into a full-range single-speaker PA, I really did need to cut the lows, by... a lot. That said, it doesn't really run as low an output as your average dynamic, hence does not need that much gain increase for it to sound good.

Overall, a great buy, and a mic that I believe will indeed outlast my life expectancy, no matter how much abuse I'm gonna be throwing at it throughout its gigging life. I do, indeed, believe that it would benefit from a bit of compression and a decent amount of EQ-ing, hence my next link in the chain is going to be a pedal-format mic preamp (just ordered today).
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Male Vocalist Dream
Black-Unicorn 09.07.2018
I bought this mic after doing as much checking on the different microphones available.
This issue is as a male vocalist I found that some microphones didn't meet my requirement or had bad reproduction of my actually voice.

I found some reviews online that suggest this microphones and after checking the Spec Sheet I decided to take the plunge, I was not disappointed.

The Microphone its self is a good weight and nice and chunky and feels very solid. It a great microphone to hold if you have large hands.

Sound wise I couldn't be happier it is really good at capturing the lows and highs of my voice whilst also keeping the timbre of the sound I am singing.

Great Sound
Solid construction
Better at male vocals that leading competitors
Chunky not great if you have small hands

If you are a male vocalist I cannot recommend this microphone enough
I have advised My band mates to buy the same microphone for backing vocals as well.
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Works great for jazz
Keiwo 15.07.2021
I've been using it for 3 years. This microphone is excellent! I'm a jazz singer (baritone). It really does a good job bringing the clarity of my vocals. No more muffled sound! I used to have SM58 and beta 58a, now I prefer this one for rehearsal and gigs. Most of the time, I don't need to adjust the EQ because it's already good. For this price point, you will not be disappointed! I highly recommend it for vocal students who would like to have a decent microphone but on a budget.

- clear vocals
- don't need to change EQ for most situations
- great value of money
- nice design (imo)

- a little bit big and heavy (but you'll get used to it)
- sensitive to high frequency (sometimes need to adjust the EQ to avoid feedback)
- moderate handling noise (use a mic stand / don't move a lot when you are singing ballads)
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