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SE Electronics X1S Vocal Pack

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  • Ballad Female - Dry
  • Ballad Female - FX
  • Ballad Male - Dry
  • Ballad Male - FX
  • Blues Male - Dry
  • Blues Male - FX
  • Metal Male - Dry
  • Metal Male - FX
  • Pop-Rock Female - Dry
  • Pop-Rock Female - FX
  • Rock Female - Dry
  • Rock Female - FX
  • Rock Male - Dry
  • Rock Male - FX
  • Soul Female - Dry
  • Soul Female - FX
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Pack de voces

  • El set incluye: Micrófono sE XS1, Suspensión Isolation Pack, Pantalla antipop de metal, cable de micrófono SE de 3m

Especificaciones del micrófono:

  • Micrófono de condensador de gran diafragma
  • Patrón polar cardioide
  • Cápsula hecha a mano
  • Filtro paso alto (80Hz, 160Hz)
  • Pad (0dB, -10dB, -20dB)
  • Contactos XLR chapados en oro
  • Ruido: 9dB (A)
  • SPL máx.: Hasta 160dB (THD 0,5%)
  • Requiere alimentación phantom de 48V
  • Incluye pinza de micrófono y adaptador de rosca
  • Dimensiones: 58 x 168mm (diámetro x altura)
  • Peso: 440g
Válvulas No
Características direccionales conmutables No
Omnidireccional No
Patrón cardioide
Figura 8 No
Low Cut
Incl. araña No
Micrófono USB No
número de artículo 413093
169 €
Todos los precios incluyen IVA
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Disponibilidad inmediata

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Perfecto para trabajar con calidad
Antuanium 12.07.2018
Este micrófono tiene mucha personalidad en su sonido, y con los controles incorporados se puede matizar perfectamente según sea la fuente. Lo utilizo con Steinberg UR242 que incorpora efectos como reverb y compresor en tiempo real, sin latencia, y la unión de los dos proporciona un sonido potente y claro. No conozco la versión anterior del micro aunque sospecho que no anda muy lejos de éste y que es más una maniobra comercial que un paso adelante significativo, por lo que quizá me conformaría con la versión anterior. La araña, el antipop y el cable incluídos en este pack son muy necesarios para empezar desde el primer momento. Lo recomiendo sin duda.
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A very low-noise and sensitive mic
TRLDEX 30.11.2020
I was using it for few weeks in voice recording and I find it great. Voices are very clear and given its high sensitivity the tiniest lips move will be caught in the recording. It is compatible with all audio interfaces with phantom power, it doesn't need +60dB gain or more like sensitivity mics.

- pristine voices clarity
- very low internal noise
- build quality
- the built-in metallic pop-filter will only partially obturate your view, so you could still be able to read on the monitor of the paper in front of your eye
- frequency response if really-really good

- the built-in metallic pop-filter does the job well, but it's not as good as the regular double textile/mash filter is even better in getting rid of S's and pop's
- it's very good sensitivity might be a downsize for people not having at least a minimal room acoustic isolation

- the length of pop-filter's arm seems too big for me, but it's easier to cut in half if really needed (it's made of plastic after all)
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Great first Mic for home studio use
GhostofOhio 01.04.2021
I've had this for almost a year now. Used it on loads of vocals and guitar tracks so I've seen it deliver time after time. Last year when corona virus was being to rear its ugly head, I decided to get back into home recording after a 12 year hiatus.

I researched loads of mics, both budget and midrange for setting up my home studio. I Looked at frequency response graphs, signal to noise, max spl... Every metric I could get my hands on. Watched video reviews of everything. After 2 weeks of research I decided on these fella right here. What a good little Mic! However, It's not a Neumann by any stretch of the imagination. It is reasonably flat in its response with eq bumps in the right places which compliment vocals and acoustic instruments. For a basic "do everything" studio Mic it's really great! Especially for the money!

Ps, I didn't give all 5 stars because of what it is. I had high quality gear years ago before it was sold off. I know what top notch microphones record and sound like. This is so close to high end gear which is exceptional considering it's a budget microphone at the end of the day.
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Tough to beat at the price
YannisPapadopoulos 11.03.2021
I've bought this for a friend and tested it with them, and , additionally, I recommended to another friend too.

They're both extremely happy with the sound and I'm also extremely happy of how easy it and enjoyable it is to mix their voices.

It has quite a natural sound and frequency response, so, it never gives you too much trouble with picking up "weird"/"wrong frequencies. Plosive rejection is also great!
The low-cut options are a very welcome addition. It's very safe to use the 80hz cut especially on female voices, and it can help clean up the signal a bit, if you're in a room that has low-hum sounds, or maybe soften up the harshest/lowest plosives.

Easy recommend for either male or female voice!
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