Roland Cube 20XL Bass

Amplificador de bajo

  • Amplificador con modelado
  • 20 W
  • Altavoz de 8"
  • Sonido más profundo y transparente
  • Tecnología digital FFP
  • 7 Amp-Modelings de afamados amplificadores
  • 7 efectos incluyendo octavador polifónico
  • Afinador integrado (cromático o manual)
  • Botón SHAPE para variación de sonido por Amp-Modeling
  • 2 conexiones de pedal
  • Power Squeezer para emulación de torre de graves a volumen de habitación
  • Medidas: 335 x 327 x 335 mm
  • Peso: 9.4 Kg
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Muestras de sonido

  • Fretless Direct
  • Funk Direct
  • Metal Direct
  • Rock Direct
  • Fretless
  • Funk
  • Metal
  • Rock
  • Mostrar más

Más información

Potencia 20 W
Configuración del Altavoz 1x 8"
HF-Horn No
Ecualizador 3-bandas
Limiter No
Conexión para auriculares
Salida DI No
Conector de altavoz No
Entrada para CD/mp3

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Perfecto para uso home personal e incluso para estudio

Curro Bassman, 26.01.2015
Aunque todavia lo he utlizado poco, quiero elogiar el perfecto acabado de Roland, la calidad de sonido y la versatibilidad del ampli en cuanto a presets de amplis, y sobre todo la calidad que ofrece los efectos que incorpora compresor, reverb, delay y chorus típicos de Boss/Roland. Es pequeño pero muy robusto, y a pesar de que son 20 watios, para el uso que está pensado es suficiente. Este ampli es perfectamente práctico para casa, estudio, ensayo, y locales de ambiente mas relajado.
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Good all rounder that I use as main stage rig!

Sonovox, 01.09.2013
The Roland Cube amps are fairly ubiquitous nowadays. I heard my first one a few years ago when I was running sound at a gig where a guitarist turned up with one of these under his arm. I admit to looking down my nose a bit at it, stuck a SM57 in front of it, and wandered back to front of house to do a line and sound check. When he started playing I actually walked back up onto the stage again to check that he really was only playing through this tiny amp - the sound was huge!

Up until that point I was carrying large amps and speakers around with me, but when I 'upgraded' I decided to go small, and make the rig so it could all be carried in in one go, and yet plugged into any PA when I got wherever I was going. I now walk in with bass in one hand, amp in the other, and bag of anything else I need slung on my back. Why on earth had I been doing it any other way all these years???

Anyway, to how I selected the amp. I play fretless in a small (either two, three or four piece depending on the gig) line-up for an original artist. I don't need a particularly 'heavy' bass sound, and I pretty much always use a couple of effects - mainly compression and reverb. Another essential requirement arose around us playing a number of support slots to bigger artists in theatre type situations, where I needed to be on and off stage as quickly and as quietly as possible, so the equipment had to be compact and as self-contained as possible. When I plugged all my requirements into google, the only amps that fulfilled everything I wanted (on paper) were the Roland Cube Bass amps. My research (mainly reading the manual and watching YT videos) also showed me that with the 20 Watt version, almost unbelievably, as well as being able to leave my tuner at home, I could run independent compression, reverb, AND dial in some chorus if I needed... my rig had reduced from separate cab, amp, flight cases, pedals, tuners, power supplies etc., to one VERY light amp (less than 10Kg)!

So as well as the amp in one hand, and the guitar in the other, my backpack now just carries a small guitar stand and two guitar cables - one for the bass, and one from the 'Recording Out' socket to feed direct to whatever house mixer (or DI box). It isn't a DI output per-se, but is just as useful as it also doubles as a headphone socket when that middle-of-the-night practice itch hits - oh yeah, talking of which there is even a 3mm jack Aux-In where you can plug in your MP3 player! Depends on the gig, but we often don't feed much bass through to the singer, so if the monitoring setup on stage is simple, I throw a mic in front of the amp and tilt the amp towards me so I can use it as my monitor. If I can get an independent monitor mix, I'll output to the recording socket (which cuts out the Cube's speaker) and use the stage monitoring.

I've given everything 5 stars except the sound quality...and yet I have absolutely no complaints about how this amp sounds - especially when you consider just how much they cost and the feature set they carry on-board, but I understand that some people might be looking for the sort of 'punch' you'd get from a larger rig - Ampeg, SWR, Gallien Kreuger - you know the sort of thing - but a) my sound isn't about that, and b) something this size is never going to shake your guts around (though it will when put through the right PA system). Having said that, for the size of it, there is a surprising amount of bottom-end off it, and even after more than a year without a larger rig, I don't feel like changing anything. I mostly have it set on the 'Concert 810' modelling setting (we all know what that means, right?), and often with the 'Shape' control switched in, which gives me about the right amount of 'honk' on the fretless, but there are enough modelling settings on there to choose from to keep most people happy - and even more on the larger Cube Bass models.

Would I buy again? Most definitely. One of the best purchases I ever made, and a real surprise at how capable it is.

Oh, one other thing: I play occasional blues lead for laughs with a few friends. For that sort of thing I also own the 'lead guitar' version of the same amp. Now not only do I think blues guitar sounds better through the bass amp, but any of my non-believer friends who try it also do. The amount of body it gives to a Strat is unreal! A real bonus!
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Amplificadores de bajo
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