RME Fireface UCX II


Interfaz de audio USB 2.0

  • Convertidor AD/DA de 24 bits / 192 kHz
  • 20 canales de entrada y salida
  • SteadyClock FS
  • Funcionalidad Stand-Alone
  • Función DURec: grabadora digital integrada para todas las entradas y salidas directamente a memorias USB a través del puerto USB posterior (permite grabar en memorias USB o discos duros con una capacidad de hasta 2 TB)
  • Software TotalMix Mixing / Routing
  • Software DigiCheck
  • Class Compliant
  • Compatible con el mando a distancia USB ARC opcional (no incluido)
  • Salidas con acoplamiento DC - control de voltaje CV/Gate
  • Alimentación Phantom de +48 V
  • Pantalla a color
  • Formato de la carcasa: 9,5" / 1U
  • Medidas (An x Al x Pr): 215 x 44 x 130 mm
  • Peso: 910 kg
  • Incluye fuente de alimentación externa 100V - 240V AC, 12V 2A DC

Entrada y salida ADAT

  • 2 entradas combinadas de micrófono / línea: XLR / Jack de 6,3 mm
  • AES/EBU y S/PDIF coaxial
  • Entrada y salida MIDI
  • USB DUrec
  • Salida de auriculares: Jack de 6,3 mm
  • Medidas (An x Al x Pr): 215 x 44 x 130 mm
  • Entrada y salida Word Clock
  • AES/EBU así como S/PDIF coax
  • Enttada y salida MIDI
  • DUrec USB
Disponible desde Julio 2021
número de artículo 521302
Precio por 1 Unidad(es)
Canales de Grabación / Reproducción 20x20
Número de entradas de micrófono 2
Nº de entradas de Linea 8
Nº de entradas de instrumento 2
Número de Salidas de Línea 6
Salidas de auriculares 1
Alimentación Phantom
Número de conectores S/PDIF 1
Número de conectores ADAT 1
Conectores AES/EBU 1
Conectores MADI 0
Ethernet 0
Interfaz MIDI
Word Clock 1x Entrada, 1x Salida
Samplerate Máximo (Khz) 192 kHz
Resolución máxima (bit) 24 bit
USB Bus-Powered No
Fuente de alimentación incluida
Tipo de USB 2.0
Anchura en mm 215 mm
Profundidad en mm 130 mm
Altura en mm 44 mm
Tipo de conector USB B
Unidades Cable USB, cable Breakout, Software
Null Latency Monitoring 1
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1.376 €
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En stock

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17 Reseñas

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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Couldn't think of anything better!
DROOO 09.12.2021
Finally got my hands on my first RME product, UCX II !

The sound quality is superb, a noticeable difference from my lower-budget audio interface.

AD/DA conversion is the best I've experienced. The preamps are clean and have great headroom.

Drivers are strong, and some small errors I used to get in Pro Tools from the previous interface are totally gone with RME drivers (on Windows).

Overall I couldn't have been happier!
Time to dive into Total Mix and learn how to use DURec )))

It was worth waiting for it to be in stock for a while.
After ordering it, Thomann shipped it right away with no issues.
Thanks to RME and Thomann team!
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
More then awesome! Thomann, No.1 in my heart.
Anónimo 15.12.2022
The paper box containing this device is only about 40-50cm, about 15cm high and about 30cm wide.
But the wrapped package I think should contain a full-size computer case.
I thought I received something other than the RME UCX II.
But when opened, it's great. My package was well wrapped, to make sure it wasn't damaged in transit.

What's even better is that when I opened it up inside and got a free Thomann UK power cable, I was using it instead of the existing power cord, because it has a ground wire.

In terms of product, overall, this device is really great. The product has no scratches on the surface. So beautiful.

When plugged in, it works right away, and fast.

I still don't know how to use it properly.
But when you have just installed the company's driver, you will need to restart the machine, for TotalMix FX to be turned on. It looks harder to use on the inside than it looks on the outside.

It's difficult to buy an RME UCX II at the moment. Although it costs money, at least I feel I was lucky to have bought it, because I am an international customer. After a long time reading a lot of reviews and a decision has been made. But there was no stock, except for Thomann, and the product after I bought it was also out of stock. Perhaps anyone who wants to buy it later will have to wait for a relatively long time. I am very lucky and very satisfied with Thomann.
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Impression of RME UCX II
yoshitaka 20.08.2021
I am a UCX and Babyface PRO FS user.

This is a comparison between Babyface PRO FS and UCX II.

Owned equipment
Speaker Genelec 8331 (purchased at Thomann)
Headphones SHR1840

External processor
RUPERT NEVE DESIGNS Portico II Master Bus processor
SSL FUSION (purchased at Thomann)
Analog synthesizer

The first impression is the headphone amplifier.
Babyface pro fs sounds brighter than UCX II.
I hear more high frequencies.
The UCX II has the impression that it sounds a little more subdued than the Babyface pro fs.
If you like flashy sounds, Babyface pro fs is a good choice.
But UCX II is also very good. Enough for me.

Next is the impression of speaker out.
You can see the sound better with UCX II. Overall.

About input
I think the mic preamp, other inputs, and the UCX II are very good.

Both the UCX II and Babyface pro FS sound great.
UCX II is a very good item because I need a lot of input.

It's also worth noting that the major difference between UCX I and UCX II is the addition of AES.
I own a genelec 8331.
The difference in sound is obvious when connected to 8331 with AES.

If you are considering UCX II as a replacement from UCX I, I highly recommend UCX II. The UCX II has a good view sound.
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
BudYs 24.02.2022
hi , I am from indonesia and this is my first RME product. UCX II.

My first impression that I was surprised by the sound quality when I tried it on my YAMAHA HS 8. sound feels different with my old apogee duet2.
The Preamps are Prestine and also have very good headroom. No cloud lifter needed with an sm7b .
everything is flawless out of the box, and latency is pretty much unnoticeable.

and now I am so glad to owned it , because this recording interface is often out of stock and it's hard to buy. and i almost waiting for half year.
Thanks to thomann team for shipped it right away with no issues.
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