High-End DA Converter & Headphone Amplifier

  • Sample rates: 44.1 kHz up to 768 kHz
  • High-resolution playback of PCM, DXD and DSD at up to 768 kHz
  • SteadyClock FS
  • LCD
  • AutoDark function for lighting
  • Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) @ +7/+13/+19 dBu: 120 dB RMS
  • Unweighted, 123 dBA
  • IEM output with -120 dBu
  • Class compliant mode
  • Extended Remote Control (buttons for Standby On/Off, adjustment of volume, balance, bass and treble, input selection (optical, coaxial, USB), mute, on/off switching of loudness, bass/treble and EQ)
  • SPDIF input signal can be recorded via USB
  • 4-Stage hardware output level adjustment
  • Desktop case
  • Dimensions: 215 x 52 x 150 mm
  • Weight: 1.0 kg
  • Incl. MRC remote control, USB cable and power supply unit


  • 1x S/PDIF input coaxial
  • 1x ADAT or S/PDIF input optical
  • 2x Line output RCA unbalanced (stereo L/R)
  • 2x Line output XLR balanced (stereo L/R)
  • Extreme power stereo headphone output 6.3 mm Jack
  • Super Low Noise IEM output 3.5 mm mini jack
  • USB 2.0 port (USB 3.0 compatible)
Número de canales 2
Conversión AD No
Conversión DA
Max. resolución 32 bit
Frecuencia de muestreo máxima 768 kHz
Conector S/PDIF
Puerto AES/EBU No
Puerto ADAT
Word Clock No
Número de entradas analógicas 0
Número de salidas analógicas 4
Conexión para auriculares
Disponible desde Noviembre 2019
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Fantastic headphone DAC/AMP
bmartensson 21.02.2020
This came to replace my JDS Atom amp, which is really a great device in it self. But the reason Ive been eyeing the ADI-2 was for its large feature set.

I am a Mac user so I have always struggled to find a good system wide EQ that I liked. I also switch to Linux occasionally so there is that as well.

Seeing that the ADI-2 DAC has parametric EQ (5+2 band), supports crossfeed, loudness, and tons more I could not find any replacement for it.

And now that Ive got the opportunity for a couple of days to try it out, let me tell you it's the best single part of audio equipment I have ever bought. A couple of features I really like:

Loudness: This feature is in itself amazing, and not the typical other amps got. It can actually be customized to a target Db and increasingly lower the bass/treble as you increase the volume. I often listen on low volume and the improvement is amazing.

EQ: One of the top features of this DAC. I was able to test the Harman/Oratory1990 target for my HD6XX directly on the DAC which is pretty amazing. Can save the settings and change depending on the headphones.

Crossfeed: Well implemented and got a nice filter to set the amount of crossfeed needed.

Remote: This is the new remote with additional buttons and they can be programmed to do almost anything. Using it all the time.

LCD: The analyzer is sooooo pretty. Navigating the menus is not as difficult as some people make it seem.

Manual: Weird thing to point out, but the manual is really good. Easy to look up stuff and like how RME explains the reasons for their design choices.

The built quality is also very good, as to be expected from a German company. It is obvious this thing was built and designed by audio engineers with no marketing non-sense.

Can I recommend this device? Absolutely 110%, but it also depends on your needs at the same time. The real power of the ADI-2 DAC comes from its abilities to fine tune sound and do it all in one place without worrying about the source. For people who never EQ or care about any of the above mentioned points it might be better to get something different.

I am overall really happy with this little device and it got my DAC/Amp needs covered for a long time.
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Best thousand euros you will ever spend on audio gear
musicinprag 02.12.2019
I agree with most of what Artemis *Seven* wrote in his review. I have some Sennheiser HD 25s which I leave on my desk because they're tough and cheap and I don't have to baby them. They're a little bright but resolve pretty well so I keep them handy for monitoring recordings on some of my TASCAM gear. Other times I run them out of a Chord Mojo I have connected to a Linux box.

Last night I played some high rate PCM sample files and SACD rips over the RME and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This DAC is beyond superb. It turned the HD 25s into a high end listening experience. The headphones absolutely disappeared and I was there in the concert hall. Just fantastic. I don't remember a wow moment like this. And I could not have expected it from this pair of headphones.

RME has a forum and there is a good chance that bugs in the firmware will be addressed. The device speaks for itself as soon as you listen to it.

The DAC comes with a real dead-tree manual, spiral bound and lay-flat so you can linger over it and you will need to! However the manual comes with a note saying it's somewhat out of date. I think it should have gotten the latest manual.

The RME does not seem to be a good pairing for my Sennheiser HD 600s but I'm not really surprised since the 600s are usually much happier on tubes. This is not a complaint about the RME, just to let anybody know that if Sennheisers are your main phones like they are for me, you might want a separate headamp to drive off the RME. I have several here but have not had the time to experiment.

I have not tried to run the RME into a hifi system but from what I have heard on phones I believe it would be difficult to beat. For now it is used as a DACAMP on my desk. The lights-out mode is neat but that is only an option when the device is on. When it's off there is a bright red ring around the power button. There should be an option to turn that off completely.

There are tons and tons of features and settings and I find navigation a little confusing. Three controls rotate and can also be pushed and their behavior depends somewhat on where you are. UI is hard. This is good but quirky. You won't be bored...

I still can't figure out how to deal with the EQ but to be honest I haven't spent much time with the manual.

The DAC has protective features so it won't burn up a pair of expensive IEMs or blow up your ears. A lot of thought went into the details on this. I'm impressed with that, it is somewhat unique. But I too would have preferred 2 x 1/4 inch headphone jacks rather than one for headphones and one for IEMs.

One ongoing annoyance is that the device is really light and the feet don't grip. It slides all over the place when pushing buttons, plugging and unplugging headphones etc. If it weren't so hugely musical and so hugely customizable it would be easy to think it was junk. I'd still like some real traction on a table top but this piece of gear is definitely staying around and no plans to ever sell it.
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AudioVoodo killer
Karister 05.07.2020
I’ve been looking for a DAC to my Stereo system and DAC+AMP for my headphones for quite a while. Finally I picked RME ADI-2 ADC FS due to it’s awesome measured performance, decent power output for headphones and advanced DSP.

I owned a few devices (Marantz HD-DAC 1. Matrix Audio Element M, Burson Conductor, Schiit Audio) before and RME is the first one that after two weeks I have nothing to complain about. It is simply an audio-voodoo nonsense killer.

Firstly it has a brilliant noise floor. My sensitive IEMs are dead silent when nothing is playing. Finally! Secondly it can easily drive my HiFiMAN Arya which is a demanding headphone. No hassle at all. While low power mode is not enough for loud listening, high power mode shows it’s true potential. Even when close to max volume (sorry to my ears for that) there was no distortion at all. My HiFiMAN Arya was shaking on my head due to intense drivers’ movement and in a sub-bass heavy song it sounded no worse than a stereo system with a proper subwoofer. While my previous amp (rated at 1W per channel) was just producing one big distortion, sound from RME was perfectly clean and powerful. In terms of sound quality and performance I simply love it.

Second thing that I love is that it cured me from audio-voodoo. Detailed DACs, Warm sounding AMP, silver cables… come on. RME’s parametric EQ offers way more versatility. It really allows you to fit sound to your personal taste. I would love it to have more than 5 bands, though. Nevertheless, it is still a powerful tool. Another great function is crossfeed. Must have for headphones listening. I hate it when one instrument plays to the left ear and another one to the right ear. It is such an unnatural and tiring feeling. Crossfeed fixes it. While instruments stay in their positions, this unpleasant feeling is gone and instruments are more to the center. Something like listening to the stereo system which is always in front of the listener. Another nice thing is that RME saves settings for each output separately. This way I can have separate volume and EQ settings for stereo and headphones. I need to only switch the output and all settings are loaded automatically. It is simply clever and well thought.

There are some other minor cool things worth mentioning as well. Four programmable buttons in the remote are very handy. Auto input select works great. I connected my PC via optical and my network player via coax. Thanks to it, RME normally works as a DAC for PC but when I start playback via network, it automatically switches to coax input. When I stop playback from the network, it automatically goes back to optical. So convenient! Just perfect.

There are only minor things that I dislike about RME ADI-2 DAC FS. Firstly, It’s weight. It is too light and it must be held when pressing encoder knobs. Fingers easily leave greasy marks on it. Secondly, I use it as a DAC for stereo and DAC+AMP for headphones as mentioned before. I set volume for line out to 0dB as I have volume control in my stereo AMP. When I change Mute line setting from Toggle Ph/Line (it allows me to switch between Headphones and line out with the remote) to Off, RME switches output to headphones and uses volume setting from line out. 0dB in my case. This could be an unfortunate death of many headphones and ears due to misclick when done during playback. Lastly, I would appreciate some protection film for display. Mine was unprotected during shipping.

Last big plus for RME for their guide movies on Youtube. Very detailed and helpful. Despite being loaded with an enormous number of functions, I managed to set everything up without opening the manual.

To sum up - my best audio purchase ever. Price is very competitive when compared to hi-end audiophile companies. I am pretty sure I will be RME fanboy for a long time.
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A well designed compact device for music!
Lawrence Z 26.05.2020
I got my Genelec 8020D first and started order this gem, then the long journey started - God that felt like life-time, but when I got the box and launched it with the new speaker and my favorite Partita No.3 by Milstein, everything worthy I told myself.

The sound through 8020 is clear, stable, balanced and rational.
- I compare both CD &SACD ver of the violin solos and can easily specify the different remasters even they came from same recording on 1973.
- That's the first time I feel such a clear but not sharp treble when listerning to violin solos, everything runs smoothly and stayed where're, the songs of strings are so beautiful I can't stop the playing.
- I don't need a bold bass, for me that's clear, solid and restrained. I like it.
- People may say this pairing is a bit too pure or bland, but that's my cup of tea - there's an EQ so I can blend something later right? :)
- If people want to pair this gem for a sweet sound with devices like Genelec speakers, HD800s, A2000z, DT1990Pro, etc, they may need an separate amp with warmer tuning - uhm but why you choose them if you need a sweet/warm sound?

I paired my IEM with ADI-2, that's a deep deep abyss I felt then.
- The unit is capable to drive IEMs.
- Headphones, the sound is excellent too, but if your device desire massive flooding power or you need more characterized output from the system, yes you may need a separate amp
- If you want the original sound of the records, you should try to plug your spekaer ot headphones direct to the unit.

It's shipped with good build quality and nice looking - Yes I love the white rings Yes!!!
- The unit is easy to install, oh you may need turn the vol to -40 or lower if combined to a powerful active speaker.
- Outstanding functionality and excellent ergonomics, the remote controller, display, and tuner are nice to use.
- You may need some time to study the use of the tuners with the logfic RME set for the massive settings you can adjust for either pro or consumer purpose. That's amazing you can adjust so many settings for various purpose.

I would recomment this unit for people need clear/original sound and various functionality for pro/entertainment uses. The unit is great fine-tuned and well fabricated, definitely worthy the coins.
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