Convertidor DA High-End y amplificador de auriculares

  • Frecuencias de muestreo: 44.1 kHz hasta 768 kHz
  • Reproducción en alta resolución de PCM, DXD y DSD con hasta 768 kHz
  • SteadyClock FS
  • Pantalla LC
  • Función AutoDark para iluminación
  • Placa DAC AK4493 DAC
  • Relación señal ruido (SNR) @ +7/+13/+19 dBu: 120 dB RMS no ponderado, 123 dBA
  • Salida IEM con -120 dBu
  • Modo Class Compliant
  • Extended Remote Control (botones para Standby On/Off, ajustes de volumen, balance, graves y agudos de la selección de salida (Optical, Coaxial, USB), conmutación de mute así como encendido y apagado de Loudness, Bass/Treble y del EQ)
  • La señal de entrada SPDIF se puede tomar desde USB
  • Control Hardware del nivel de salida en 4 niveles
  • Carcasa en formato de sobremesa
  • Medidas: 215 x 52 x 150 mm
  • Peso: 1,0 kg
  • Incluye mando a distancia MRC, cable USB y bloque de alimentación


  • 1x entrada S/PDIF coaxial
  • 1x entrada ADAT o S/PDIF óptica
  • 2x salidas de línea RCA asimétrica (estéreo L/R)
  • 2x salidas de línea XLR simétricas (estéreo L/R)
  • Salida de auriculares Extreme Power Stereo Jack de 6.3 mm
  • Salida IEM Super Low Noise minijack de 3.5 mm
  • Puerto USB 2.0 (compatible con USB 3.0)

Más información

Número de canales 2
Conversión AD No
Conversión DA
Max. resolución 32 bit
Frecuencia de muestreo máxima 768 kHz
Conector S/PDIF
Puerto AES/EBU No
Puerto ADAT
Word Clock No
Número de entradas analógicas 0
Número de salidas analógicas 4
Conexión para auriculares

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989 € A la cesta
7% compraron RME ADI-2 Pro FS 1.299 €
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Best thousand euros you will ever spend on audio gear
musicinprag, 02.12.2019
I agree with most of what Artemis *Seven* wrote in his review. I have some Sennheiser HD 25s which I leave on my desk because they're tough and cheap and I don't have to baby them. They're a little bright but resolve pretty well so I keep them handy for monitoring recordings on some of my TASCAM gear. Other times I run them out of a Chord Mojo I have connected to a Linux box.

Last night I played some high rate PCM sample files and SACD rips over the RME and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This DAC is beyond superb. It turned the HD 25s into a high end listening experience. The headphones absolutely disappeared and I was there in the concert hall. Just fantastic. I don't remember a wow moment like this. And I could not have expected it from this pair of headphones.

RME has a forum and there is a good chance that bugs in the firmware will be addressed. The device speaks for itself as soon as you listen to it.

The DAC comes with a real dead-tree manual, spiral bound and lay-flat so you can linger over it and you will need to! However the manual comes with a note saying it's somewhat out of date. I think it should have gotten the latest manual.

The RME does not seem to be a good pairing for my Sennheiser HD 600s but I'm not really surprised since the 600s are usually much happier on tubes. This is not a complaint about the RME, just to let anybody know that if Sennheisers are your main phones like they are for me, you might want a separate headamp to drive off the RME. I have several here but have not had the time to experiment.

I have not tried to run the RME into a hifi system but from what I have heard on phones I believe it would be difficult to beat. For now it is used as a DACAMP on my desk. The lights-out mode is neat but that is only an option when the device is on. When it's off there is a bright red ring around the power button. There should be an option to turn that off completely.

There are tons and tons of features and settings and I find navigation a little confusing. Three controls rotate and can also be pushed and their behavior depends somewhat on where you are. UI is hard. This is good but quirky. You won't be bored...

I still can't figure out how to deal with the EQ but to be honest I haven't spent much time with the manual.

The DAC has protective features so it won't burn up a pair of expensive IEMs or blow up your ears. A lot of thought went into the details on this. I'm impressed with that, it is somewhat unique. But I too would have preferred 2 x 1/4 inch headphone jacks rather than one for headphones and one for IEMs.
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The best new, affordable high-end DAC for Pros and Consumers.
Artemis *Seven*, 21.04.2018
· Adaptado de RME ADI-2 DAC
Initially I intended to purchase a 2nd interface for my secondary location, where I mostly just relax and do a little bit of work on the side. However, upon finding out that my favorite audio interface brand released something in between a pro and consumer DAC product it immediately caught my attention.

Having owned the RME UFX interface for a while now, I knew what I was getting - a very well made, very high quality and easy to use product. And I wasn't disappointed. I only had to wait a while for delivery as it's constantly getting sold out of stock - something of a testiment to the product's value.

For the pros:
- sound (obviously) is absolutely high-end and crystal clear (monitors)
- heapdhone amp, which after having owned multiple REALLY high end amplifiers I can honestly say I'm surprised by.... it gave a "new life" to my DT 770's PRO which I thought I knew in and out
- something as silly as a full "dark out" function for a total lack of emitted light (for those late night listens) but very important to quite a few people
- classic RME menu's and no-nonsense unit design, so RME users will feel right at home
- the ability to interface with other RME products through the support of ADAT protocol over it's TOSLINK input (unlike other DACs with SPDIF only)
- user manual is detailed, with reference photos to help
- PRICE (no, seriously) - having the technical specs and features typically associated with products at twice the price point

For the cons:
- not necessarily a con, however I don't imagine many people using IEMs for stationary listening, so I'd rather have another one of those incredible headphone amps instead of the IEM one to share my sound experience with another person at the same time
- digital encoders - some people may think they are low quality, because they are stepped ("clicky"), and would rather have smooth, stepless ones, but RME provides a very valid technical reason for the use of those going into their decision making and technical arguments extensively in the user manual
- technically, visually and otherwise operationally - I can't think of any (apart from the ones I had to come up with above to fill the con section with something)

I would whole-heartedly recommend this product to any consumer or professional in the world. RME outdid themselves again.
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989 €
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Disponible dentro de 1-2 semanas

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