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PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow SY


Guitarra eléctrica

  • Modelo de construcción Semi-Hollow (con cámara) con calado en F
  • Cuerpo de caoba con Binding
  • Tapa de arce arqueada con laminado de arce flameado
  • Longitud de escala: 635 mm (25")
  • 22 trastes
  • Mástil de arce
  • Perfil del mástil Wide Thin
  • Diapasón de palisandro
  • Incrustaciones PRS Bird
  • Tremolo PRS
  • Pastillas 85/15 S aguda y grave
  • Reguladores de volumen y tono Push/Pull
  • Conmutador Blade de 3 vías
  • Mecánicas diseñadas por PRS
  • Hardware de níquel
  • Color: Santana Yellow
  • Incluye funda PRS SE
Color Sunburst
Cuerpo Caoba
Tapa Arce
Mástil Arce
Trastes Palisandro
Trastes 22
Escala 635 mm
Configuración de pastillas HH
Trémolo no
Incluye maleta No
incl. Funda
número de artículo 510490
877 €
Todos los precios incluyen IVA
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Disponibilidad inmediata

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Almost a dream guitar, not for the price of one.
Paulo H Araujo 08.10.2021
I'm not a professional musician or guitarrist, so my point of view is merely from someone who like music and play some guitar just for enjoyment. And to put into context, I started playing classical and acoustic guitar around 20 years ago, while my first electric guitar came around 10 years. So this background coming from classical and acoustic guitar always influences what I like and search on the electric guitar, even if I'm not really going for arched top models.

I haven't tried on a enormous number of guitars before, but did try some few of the key types, and even if it might sound again as a cliché: the average PRS seems to catch the best points of the main styles and join in one guitar. This is a joy to play and deliver delicious tones with flexibility for many music styles. And for my taste, it's one of the most beautiful guitars ever.


- Looks absolutely gorgeous. The flamed maple veneer on the top and the visible mahogany on the back and sides, the finishing of the wooden and metallic parts, the assembly... it really looks like a more expensive guitar.

- Feels wonderful to play. The combination of the radius of the scale, the profile of the neck and the finish of the frets makes it a joy to play. It's more confortable and fluid than the average thick necks, while feels meatier than an ibanez or so. That, in combination with the semi-hollow airy sound, makes it my first guitar that I enjoy to play even unplugged!

- Pickups are good, even if arguably not as good as the american-made 85/15 ones. They are flexible, not meaning "weak" lots of tones, but meaning that with a tiny roll down on the tone knob, the sound can be mellowed without becoming dull or colorless.

Coil tapping is always polemic but what I can say is that the volume drop is not big on this guitar, and while I basically never use only the bridge pickup on any guitar (don't like that high pitch sound, probably something coming from my classical guitar tatstes), I like how this one sounds split on the neck! So, it's flexible but probably not for extreme twangy sounds.


- Tuning stability is not the best and that's probably because of the nut. 2nd, 3rd and 4th strings went a bit out after some bends or using the tremolo. That improved a lot, became almost unnoticeable after using a drop of lubrifiant. But the nut is definetely something to improve on the SE Standard and SE Custom ranges.

- The tone knob is too soft to turn for my taste, kinda easy to turn it by accident. Volume is ok on this point.

- With a semi-hollow, I would like it to have come with a case, not a gig bag.

All in all, the negatives are smaller than the positives, and even the worst negative (the nut) can be corrected for not a lot of money next time I send it to setup. It feels, looks and sounds like a lot of guitar for the money.

One criticism I have to say, not really related to the guitar, but related to the process of buying the guitar on Thomann: I payed the additional fare for the setup service, to guarantee that I wouldn't have fret buzz or dead frets, but that didn't really work perfectly.

As the guitar was sent by carrier and we know that can modify the setup, I prefer not to push this, and will take it to a local guitar tech for a final setup.

Still, I totally recommend this beauty.
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