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Shadow SH 927 NMG-4 Nanomag Bluegrass

155 €
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Disponible en estos momentos

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Guitarist 7/2007

Shadow Sonic NanoMAG

Autor: Dave Burrluck · Número de páginas: 1
Designed to stick on to the end of your fi ngerboard, the NanoMAG is around 57mm wide, 5.7mm thick and will add around 8.5mm to the end of your fi ngerboard. The top face is lightly curved and again there’s a mini jack attached to the end of the cable to fi t directly into the relevant sonic preamp. "The NanoMAG is a magnetic pickup with an air coil and a composition of different samarium cobalt magnets incorporating active electronics in a minimum of space,” says Shadow. "The pickup is protected by an epoxy layer, and the silver-platinum shielding will provide, together with the active electronics, a low impedance hum-free output signal.”

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