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Carl Martin Surf Trem

72 €
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Disponible en estos momentos

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Guitarist 6/2006

Carl Martin Surf Tremolo

Autor: Dave Burrluck · Número de páginas: 1
Carl Martin has a thing about tremolo. In our recent review of the company’s Quattro multi-FX, tremolo is included above the more obvious chorus as the only ‘modulation’ effect. Here, too, this Surf Tremolo (inspired by the Carl Martin Tremovibe) is included in the fi rst wave of this series when an oldstyle, sweet-sounding chorus may have been preferable. Many modern tremolo pedals go for hard machine-gun, almost gated effects, which can sound spectacular when in time with a song’s tempo. This old-style tremolo, however, goes for a much softer wob-wob-wob that is often used to best effect across the beat rather than strictly in time. Depth and speed are the only controls.

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